Get Your Glam on: The 7 Beauty Essentials You Need for Any Event

Women in the United States spend a little over a quarter of a million dollars on makeup during their lifetime.

Spending hard-earned money on beauty essentials is rather typical, but it’s important you’re choosing the right products for your skin and the look you want to achieve. We all know wasting money on makeup is very easy.

Pick up these 7 beauty essentials before your next big event and be ready to show off healthy, exuberant skin.


As you look in the mirror in the morning, you can’t help but notice your tired eyes. Well, highlighter will be your new best makeup essential.

Highlighter can be a liquid or come as a powder. You can use it anywhere on your face that needs a pick me up, from your lips to your eyes to your cheekbones. It will give you a bright sunshine look even on the gray, rainy days.


Spending hours in front of our computers at home or work keeps us far out of the sun. Let alone when the sun doesn’t come out for months on end during the winter. Bronzer will save your day with that one.

Applied with a chunky brush, bronzer can be used all over your face to give you a tanned look or in certain places to contour your face. Used in combination with a highlighter, bronzer adds a little summertime to your makeup routine.

Eye Shadow Palettes  

The next must-have for your makeup bag is eye shadow palettes. A well-curated and matched eye shadow design will add tremendously to your outfit for any event.

Palettes often come in bright colors, neutrals, or smokey eye options. They can be mixed and matched, but usually, the colors in one palette will fit very well.

When purchasing, you want to look for eye shadow that is highly concentrated in color and use soft, small brushes for application.

If a palette of colors isn’t what you’re looking for, buying individual eye shadows can help you customize your look a little further.

Lip Care Beauty Essentials

There’s a pretty good chance you neglect your lips. They need to be moisturized regularly. This can be with any generic lip balm to help prevent dryness.

Lip plumper is an excellent gloss to make your lips pop. Choosing a color that matches the rest of your makeup look or your outfit will place a cherry on top of your makeup routine.

Remember, lip plumper and lipstick can be drying. Using a lip exfoliator will get off all the dead skin after using these products.


The next thing that can really make or break your makeup routine is a good mascara. It is really going to be up to you to choose which one best matches your look.

Mascara comes in a variety of dark colors, from brown to black and blackest black. The look has a lot to do with the wand that comes in your mascara tube, which will help dedicate how lifted or voluminous you want your lashes to be.

Brow Care 

Recently eyebrows have become a hot topic with your makeup look. Pomades, powders, pencils, and gel are all on the shelf for your brows. Each product delivers results from thick and square to thin and curvy, depending on your face shape.

Proper eyebrow care will also help you achieve the shape you want from your brows. Eyebrow wax kits are a great way to have salon-quality waxing at home and love your brows every day.


When the night is over, you’ll need a good cleanser to take your face of makeup off. This will keep your skin clear of blemishes and refreshed for the next morning.

Cleansers come in several different forms. There are light foaming cleansers, gel cleansers, exfoliating cleansers, and micellar water. You may even want to just use a makeup wipe as a part of your healthy skincare routine.

Your after-makeup care is just as serious as the products you choose themselves. Pick up a couple of cleansers and figure out what’s best for you.

Ready, Set, Glam

Choosing the right products for your skin will make you confident and glamorous while keeping your face healthy. Build a routine with beauty essentials you love.

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