The Fundamental Brick of SEO

Optimizing your site is to ensure that the search engine, when studying your pages, can “know” what these pages speak and what information users can find. For that, here are the main principles to respect.



Content is the central factor of SEO. You must focus the majority of your efforts on producing quality content.

Content readable by search engines.

Contentsimply means the text you present to your users. This text must be readable by the search engines. It should not be embedded in an image or presented in the form of a Flash animation that search engines cannot decrypt.

Concretely, our advice: Avoid designing your site in a flash.


Relevant content in sufficient quantity

The content must be of quality that is to say to address the Internet by offering them clear and useful information, corresponding to what they came to seek. Do not take this prerequisite lightly: all updates to Google’s algorithm are in the direction of highlighting the relevant content and the sanction of unnecessary or superfluous content, which does not interest users.

If the design does not allow you to put the text at the top of the page, add it at the bottom of the page. It can be tempting to insert keywords lists for Google, especially if you under arrange for this content to be so obscure that your readers would not notice. We do not recommend these type old techniques: text too small to read, white text on white background, etc. Google detects without any problem these small manipulations.

So never try to hide content from your users hoping that the search engine will not detect your little game.

The quantity of text on the site is a determining factor for its reference, and this for 2 reasons

– The engines give little credit to the domains which count only a very small number of pages (say, to givea number, less than 20 pages).

– An important number of pages allow you to use varied vocabulary: statistically, the more words you have on your site, the more you can diversify the keywords and the vocabulary in general.

The number of altered words that can be found on your site is, therefore, the vocabulary you have to talk to your potential users. The more different words you have, the more likely you are to be found, for one simple reason: not everyone uses the same words to describe the same thing.

How to increase the content available on your site

The answer is both simple and complex. You have to address all the dimensions related to your activity: do you sell chocolates online? Create a page for each type of chocolate, present the history of your business, discuss the local market and the national chocolate market, present your physical store if you have one, or your warehouse. You can even, why not, trace the history of chocolate, introduce your partners one by one, describe the manufacturing process, announce your presence at upcoming shows, introduce your employees one by one or even your most loyal customers in the form gourmet interviews.

An excellent method to increase the content of your site is to create a category “blog” or “news.”

Unique content

To enrich your site, do not imagine copying existing content on the internet: Google knows how to detect duplicate content, so do not even try.

It sometimes happens that competing e-commerce sites have many pages almost identical, because of the famous question of the “descriptive manufacturer.” If the descriptive pages of the manufactured products you sell (shoes, clothing, appliances, and computer) are limited to the description on the record or the label, it is likely that some of your competitors have done the same. Error and that the content of your pages will be the same as that of several other sites.

Internal duplicate content

But also pay close attention to duplicate content on your site. Imagine, for example, that you offered3 different thalassotherapy stays but located in the same place. You have created 3 different pages to present the stays, and on each page, you have added a long and beautiful description of the heavenly place where you welcome your customers … If this description is identical on each of the 3 pages, you come, without suspecting it, to create a serious handicap for the referencing of these pages. Too bad, right?

Regularly updated content

Google comes to visit your site regularly. Whenever he comes, he compares the current content with the one who was present at his last visit to see if there were any changes. A site often modified is a maintained site, which is a pledge of quality and freshness of the content in the eyes of Google.


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