Fun Activities You Can Engage In Face-timing Skyping Your Loved Ones

There are plenty of games one can engage in while skyping or face timing their loved ones. It is essential for one to connect with them over time as people who leave for a job purpose or for other reasons still have a part of that person in the city where he used to stay.

 It is for the sake of reconnecting, for the sake of understanding, for the sake of love that we talk or communicate with each other. Thanks to technology, we have been blessed with the technology of video calling our loved ones no matter where they are.

 It is very much in need of those who are always away. One needs to have a connection established between them for the sake of their relationship. Talking, playing and interacting seems to be a great idea as it secures a good association between you guys. 

There are plenty of games to play over facetime or skype which will strengthen your relationship and make you content with the relationship you have with your partner. If you are saying your long-distance friend, it can be beneficial in that case too. There are some playful games available that you can engage in to have some sort of connection between you. 

Why do we need to skype or facetime: Facetiming is very important as it can lead to a more intimate feeling. This intimacy can lead to more important things. Feeling connected is important and when a person stays away, it is up to us to maintain that distance.

 One can call others, mail others or leave a text for them to read but face-timing feels more intimate and comforting. But as time passes, only having a conversation is not enough. that’s why one should play games as there are numerous games to play over facetime or skype. 

How to: there are various ways you can stay in touch with a long lost person. On the iPhone, one can facetime with each other, Android users can download Skype on their phone. Skype is accessible on their PC too.

Facetime: it is easy to facetime your friend. By following these easy steps, you can make sure that you are connected with your friends. 

  1. There is an embedded app called facetime. 
  2. There is a + sign which you have to type the name of the person you want to call as their saved Email or the number would show up on the screen. 
  3. Enter more names of the person that you want to call in order to make a group call. Tap all the information on that. 
  4. There will be two option there on the screen. Audio or video. Tap which one you want. 

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Skype: making a Skype call is very easy. You can access everyone who is on Skype. Skype is supported on the android phone. 

  1. Install skype if you haven’t already. 
  2. After you have installed the application, refresh it once. 
  3. After you refresh the whole thing, you will see a contact list there. Everyone who uses Skype will be shown on that particular list. 
  4. The person you want to call, choose that individual’s number. and click the call. 

What games to play over facetime or skype to make it more engaging: there are plenty of things you can do rather than talking to that person. Occasionally it gets boring to talk to the person alone. There are plenty of games to play over facetime or skype which makes the whole thing very engaging. 

  • You guys can choose to play a game of asking 10 questions. Take a topic and start the game by asking the person one question at a time. Both of you have to take a turn to ask the question and the question is applicable for both. Altogether, each of you will get 5 questions. 
  • ‘Never have I ever’ never disappoints the youngsters. It is a drinking game, I know but you can play never have I ever as it is very engaging and gets the person going. But who said one has to be present to do a drinking game? Thrilling right? 
  • Another game to play over facetime or skype is truth and dare. I mean, it has been considered as one of the most engaging and intimate games which kills two birds with one stone. You can really ask some daring questions as that person would be like under ‘oath’

There are plenty of games to play over facetime or skype. Here are mentioned the top three games which one should always try but other than that, if you want an array of options then you should definitely check this link-

Here you will discover various immersing games that will get you going in the moment as well as help you keep connected with the person. It will shorten the distance that has been created.

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