Finding Counselling in Central Coast New South Wales

Sometimes you may end up having moments in your life when you’re down and out, while others may just be simply because you need help dealing with day to day stress in your life, or even with the life of others. If you’re a smoker, you might need quality therapy and some support in order to quit. Whatever the reason for needing to seek some form of therapy, you can find a quality mental health clinic right down in the middle of New South Wales. Nobody is alone, and even when you feel like it, you will be made sure to know that you’re not really alone because there’s a team that we’ll talk about who can help.

Suicide Prevention

This is a very serious topic, and with numerous people committing suicide every day all over the world, it’s important that you get to speak to a proper therapist who can give you the proper counselling to help you lift that burden from you so you can get your mind at peace. If you able to, call your counselor or a hotline right away and don’t hesitate to talk to someone. They don’t judge you, but they will do their job and that’s to help you feel better.

Ease Your Anxiety

There’s one thing that affects millions of people also every day, and that is anxiety. You know the signs – you can’t sleep, am always restless, and you might have dry mouth, nausea, heart palpitations and shortness of breath. You may be one of those who may suffer from a serious condition known as a panic attack. But don’t fear, there is a way that even with counselling you can fix that.

Do I Need a Referral for Counselling in New South Wales?

There are a few things that you may need a referral for, but for the most part, you don’t necessarily need one. In order to get a Medicare rebate, you may need a referral for a Better Outcomes in Mental Health, suicide prevention, child mental health, enhanced primary care plans, or even mental health nurse incentive program depending on your location and medical and psychological needs. For things like quitting smoking though, you do not need a referral, or for just general counselling.

What Can Counselling Assist Me With?

Common problems that you face every day are usually because of grief, bullying, gambling problems, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), terminal illnesses, depression and anxiety, as well as any other coaching or guidance that you’re looking for. With so many psychological disorders out there, it’s hard to pinpoint all of them as mentioned earlier. This means you can get ahold of someone for just about anything and get the instruction to put your life on a direct path.


If you’re looking for the right counselling services in New South Wales, you can contact AJR Counselling (online at and receive a full-service support system with professional counselors that can provide.

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