Famous Movie Characters Inspired By Real People

movie characters inspired in real life

Hollywood has presented us with some of the most eccentric and lively characters over the years. It may be a little hard to believe that none of these enduring characters was inspired by real life people. Well, this articles attempts to break the mystery surrounding your all time favorite movie characters. The write up not only shows you that some these long adorned characters had look-likes but also that characters were developed and shaped by their real life events.

The Dude Was A Real Guy After All


The fact that the character ‘The Dude’ from the movie Big Lebowski was inspired by a real life person may take a while before it could sit well with fans of the cult movie. The dude, played by Jeff Bridges was fundamentally a cinematic characterization of American Political Activist Jeff Dowdey. Conan brothers the directors of 1998 movie have infallibly succeeded in portraying all the quirks and foibles of Jeff Dowdey. In fact so much so that the directors even chose another ‘Jeff’ to play the real Jeff.

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Popeye Was Not Exactly A Sailor Man


Learning that the inspiration behind Popeye, a cartoon fictional character made up by Elzie Segar, was derived from a local brawler might shatter many childhood conceptions about the unique character. Well, your childhood idol, Popeye was inspired by Rocky Friegel and the latter was not in the sailing profession. Elzie Crisler Segar held Rocky Friegel in highest regard and felt that she could find in the stubborn local guy a source of inspiration for her cartoon creations.

Severus Snipe And Chemistry Teaching


The perpetually grumpy faced Severus Snipe from the Harry Potter movie franchise was in fact inspired by some veteran chemistry teacher. John Nettleship who taught JK Rowlings chemistry in school proved to be the inspiration behind Mr. Potions in Harry potter movies. Mr. Nettleship who was outraged initially at his inclusion in characters of J K Rolling’s novel, eventually reconciled himself to the fact that he will spend rest of his life being known more for his association with Harry Potter series than for his real life contribution in the field of teaching. One must think of the Chemistry teacher to be fairly happy with his newly found identity.

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Being Dirty Harry In Real Life


Dirty Harry directed by Don Siegel, soared to the status as one of the most unique movies of 70’s Hollywood era. The movie catapulted Clint East wood to world-wide fame for playing the character of an idiosyncratic detective in pursuit of a psychopathic serial killer. Dave Toschi was the inspiration behind the Harry Calligan who was played perfectly by Clint Eastood. Toschi who was renowned for his unyielding nature and application of bizarre investigative methods, in real life was perhaps even stranger than how he is portrayed in the Big Screen.

When Hiram Rendered Steel To Indiana Johns

Indiana jones and its real life character

Very few know that the most famous archeologist (fictional) in the world produced by Hollywood was in fact inspired by a real life adventurer and politician from America. An adventurer himself, perhaps not up to the standards of Indiana, Hiram Birmingham ||| was the reason behind the conceptualization of our extra-ordinary Indiana Johns.

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