Facts About Breast Reduction That You Should Know

Australians are not stingy when it comes to spending on cosmetic surgery for them to look good. Australia’s spending on cosmetic procedures has reached $1 billion in 2017, higher than America’s per capita.

One of the top cosmetic procedures that Australians love is the breast reduction in Sydney. There are tens of thousands of breast device procedures done in Australia yearly. If you are one of those people who are thinking about having a breast reduction procedure done, you may want to know these interesting facts about it.

Breast Reduction

Highest satisfaction rates among plastic surgeries.

People who have undergone breast reduction surgeries have mostly given it a raving review. Most people have suffered from neck, shoulder, and back pains. And they have said that after getting the surgery, they experienced relief, and the pain they suffered was gone because of the reduced breast weight.

Losing weight can make the procedure more successful.

Breast reduction is one of those medical procedures where weight loss can largely affect it. Before a person can undergo the process, the plastic surgeon will require their patient to shed a few pounds before undergoing surgery. The purpose of this is because fat can make the operation more complicated. If you lose weight, you also lose some of your breast fat. So, some patients may not need to undergo the procedure after losing some weight.

Some scarring on the breast.

This procedure will leave some scarring on your breast because the surgeon would have to remove breast tissues. However, it is by eliminating some tissues that you can achieve your desired breast size.

It is an outpatient procedure.

You do not have to rest in the clinic overnight for a breast reduction procedure. You can go there in the morning and be home for dinner. However, since you will be under general anaesthesia for the procedure, you may need someone to take you home afterwards.

Increase time to rest.

One week is enough time for your body to heal. During this time, you will feel a little tenderness and soreness in your breasts. You will also need to use a specialized bra to support your breast while they recover.

Put a pause to any strenuous activities.

If you are a gym buff, you may have to take a break from going to the gym after having breast reductions. Any strenuous activities like going to the gym, doing sports, and lifting heavy things are restricted to two months. You should not exert any effort to allow the complete healing of your surgery.These are just some things you need to know before taking the plunge and undergoing a breast reduction in the Sydney style.

Lose sensation in your nipples.

Your plastic surgeon will try not to cut too much breast tissue so that you will not lose nipple sensation. However, there are cases where they will need to remove a lot of tissues. In doing so, they may have to remove the nipple, and it will be reattached through a skin graft, but this may cause the loss of nipple sensation.

Written By Hannah Gilbert

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