Everything you need to know about promo codes

Significantly saving when ordering goods in online stores will help an alphanumeric combination, which is the “key” to activate a bonus or a great offer. For more information on how to get the coveted discount, read our article.

Synthesis of economics and psychology

In the language of business, a promotional code is a marketing strategy that provides for the possibility of discounts in relation to individual products or the entire order. There are different types of promo codes in different online stores. The discount can be expressed as a percentage or be fixed. Some sites give codes for free shipping or gift wrapping.

By offering a promotional code, an online store encourages visitors to take action. This policy is beneficial to both buyers and sellers. Customers get the opportunity to buy goods at discounted prices, the store – to get rid of stale warehouse leftovers and the last unsold models before the presentation of new collections or the change of season.

The Center for Neuroeconomic Research at the University of Claremont (USA) has conducted scientific studies that prove the direct impact of such incentives on the number of purchases. Scientists have found that for many people, getting a discount code is even more enjoyable than a gift. The results of the study showed that people who received the code had higher levels of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness, which allows them to better cope with stressful situations and improve their health.

Types of promo codes in foreign online stores

  • Public codes that any site visitor can see. It is a common practice to attract new customers and reward repeat customers.
  • Personal codes. A personal promo code is a powerful motivator and an effective way to monitor customer activity. Stores can time a distribution to an event or send a code to a customer for no reason. The combination is not tied to personal data, so that it may well be used by another buyer.
  • online4baby discount code. A promo code designed for a specific customer, which can be used under certain circumstances. Stores often send it to a customer as an apology for a delay in shipping, or as a thank you – for example, for an anniversary purchase made on the site.

Where to get a promo code

The easiest way is to receive offers by mail. To do this, you need to register in the online store and subscribe to the newsletter. You will always be aware of the latest events on the site, you will be able to save products in your favorite lists, receive birthday gifts, discount codes and other “goodies” from the store.

How to get a promo code without registration 

Codes can be found on price aggregators that track tens of thousands of stores and other online resources. Most often, they post public and much less often – personal promotional codes. Most sites offer easy navigation and quickly remove codes that have lost their relevance. Many promo codes can be found on the American sites RetailMeNot or Honey Science.

How to use a promo code

Typically, the buyer must activate the promo code during the checkout process. The client enters an alphanumeric code in a special field, after which the store automatically recalculates the cost of the basket. But be careful: some promotional codes can only be used if certain conditions are met or are applicable only to specified products or brands. For example, if the code activates a 20% discount on purchases from $ 200, then it will not work if the cost of the basket is less than the specified amount.

Some sites allow customers to use several promotional codes at the same time, while others offer to enter no more than one combination at the time of ordering.

Features of use in different online stores

Online stores describe in detail the algorithm for applying promotional codes. Typically, this information is located in the “Help” (Help or Help Center). But sometimes finding the page you’re looking for isn’t easy.


On the Walmart website, go down to the bottom of the page and click on the Walmart Help Center, go to the Frequently Asked Questions, then open Placing and Managing an Order), and only then you will find the Using Promotion Codes page. The store details here that each promo code varies according to products and minimum order amount. Only registered customers can use codes. To get a discount by code, just click on the “Apply Promo Code” button during registration.


Describes in more detail the specifics of using Amazon promo codes. To find information, you need to go to the Help section and in the Browse Help Topics list, go to Other Topics & Help Sites. After that, go to the page “Promotions & Deals” and select “Redeem a Promotional Code”. You will find a ton of useful information and instructions here.

At first glance, everything is too complicated, but in practice there will be no problems. Amazon cares about customers and looks after its reputation. They do not practice the distribution of public promotional codes, and each personal code is automatically attached to the account and displayed on the checkout page. If you are using a promotional code that you received from another person or on an aggregator site. You must enter it in the Gift Cards, Vouchers & Promotional Codes column during checkout. If the client, for any reason, returns an item that  covered by a promotional code, it will not be possible to reuse the combination.


British brand George sells premium apparel and home furnishings. Thousands of buyers are hunting for ASDA George store promo codes. Personal (not personalized) codes on this site make it possible to buy goods with a 50% discount, get several gizmos for the price of one and free shipping.


The versatile online mega-market Allegro has revolutionized the Polish e-commerce industry. Today, this online store has over 20 million registered users, and this number is constantly growing. The store sells products from several hundred categories. They actively offer a variety of promotional codes. Particularly appreciated are codes for annual free shipping and promotional combinations. Which make it possible to buy goods with a 70-90% discount.

Delivery nuances

The NP Shopping forwarding service from Nova Poshta Global allows Ukrainian buyers to order goods in the USA, China, Great Britain and Poland. Due to the fact that parcels from stores are first delivered to an intermediate warehouse. And then sent to Ukraine, you can make purchases even on those sites that do not work with foreign customers.

Please be aware that parcels from abroad with a value of more than € 100 are subject to VAT at the rate of 20% of the difference between the price of the goods and the duty-free limit. If the value of the goods is more than 150 euros. You will have to pay an additional customs fee (10% of the excess amount). Read More Physical Therapy For Knee Pain Treatment

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