Enjoy Your This Year 2021 by Shopping with the EMI Card

India’s largest and first AI-controlled finance lending platform, ZestMoney, reported a 125 percent growth in financing by EMI in 2019. A 2000 percent rise in customers using credit facilities for the first time came from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Digital EMIs make up a significant chunk of the consumer economy of today’s India.

Online sales have only grown year-on-year, even during the economic downturn that the global pandemic caused. Financing by EMIs has resulted in substantial growth in online sales over the past few years, especially for the giants of e-commerce, namely Flipkart, Myntra, EMI Store of Bajaj Finserv, MakeMyTrip, Paytm, and the goliath of them all, Amazon.

In the year 2019, the use of EMIs went up by a whopping 84% in tier-one cities, 140% for tier two, and 145% as far as tier-three cities were concerned. There was a decline in such use in 2020, but as soon as lockdown restrictions eased, shopping online renewed itself, and most consumers were back to paying in convenient EMIs. Digital tools like the Bajaj Finance Card make it easy for Indians not to rely only on savings to buy the best products on the market.


Indians and Shopping

 There’s no doubt that Indians love to shop. This is especially evident as Indians need the slightest excuse to sprint up to the shops and spend. From festivals to birthdays, new spends are always in the pipeline for Indians who also want deals and bargains. Payments through EMIs not only offer up great discounts and cashback provisions but also result in a positive financial system that yields fruits for the economy, driving business for many start-ups and new companies.

Purchasing power has risen, and everyone prospers. Besides, getting access to digital financial tools to pay through has never been more user-friendly, as it is with the Bajaj Card. Apply online, and activation is practically at your fingertips.


E-commerce Platforms

 Just when Indians have started to realize that cash-in-hand isn’t the only viable payment option, e-commerce platforms began to be the shopping venue of choice for a large proportion of Indians. An enormous range of products is now available to the masses due to Amazon, Flipkart, and other platforms. Credit cards and digital payment options are tied in with some of these consumer portals so that not only EMIs are facilitated, but consumers can avail discounts too.

For instance, the Bajaj Finance Card is linked with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, and users are offered deals on the best brands. There’s also an ICICI Bank credit card tied to Amazon with perks when you shop. Even during economic slowdowns, brands offer attractive deals, and Indians spend on flagship items like a new iPhone 12 Mini (currently on a great exchange offer if you pay on EMIs with an HDFC Bank Card), or a Samsung refrigerator.


No-cost EMIs to Enjoy Shopping

Many cards offer no-cost EMIs, with minimal processing fees, and zero to low interest on EMIs, thus urging more shopping activity. Myntra, one of the most popular online apparel portals constantly offers no-cost EMIs on many superb couture brands. Depending on the card you have, you get EMI offers with certain brands. Many a time, you can shop with your finance card and still avail no-cost EMIs, whatever product or brand you select to purchase.

Shopping has become all the more enjoyable for the Indian consumer, as the “buy what you want now and pay later” scheme has worked in favor of shoppers and brands alike. With the Bajaj Finance Card, you get attractive EMI payment options at no additional cost, on everything from appliances to healthcare. You can buy anything you want from smartphones, laptops to furniture, without the worry of paying cash upfront. Shopping becomes an entertaining fun experience this way.


Afford Anything

 Almost all consumables and services are now affordable to Indians who love to shop. You can even purchase holidays on EMIs through some credit cards and companies. At the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, purchase products from the leading brands around, all at attractive discounts and deals. You can pay using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and avail of no-cost EMI payment.

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