The only thing comes to our mind when we think of Mumbai is the “Gateway of India”. But genuinely, there are lots of place in Mumbai for amusement and scrumptious food. The street of Mumbai is loaded with the refining and sensuous food. Borivali is also counted among such place. So, just go through the article at the end to know the restaurants in Borivali Mumbai

street of Mumbai

  • 90ft Above

Due to its high altitude, this restaurant has been named so. It’s a beautiful terrace restaurant with panoramic views of the city. Wow is the only word that will come out from your mouth after visiting this place. You will really fall in love with the lip-smacking food. They cook food with love to meet your expectation level. It can cost a little bit on your pocket and the quality and the prompt service justifies the cost sincerely. One can also choose this place for the romantic evening with your loved one.

  • The Fusion Kitchen

The Fusion Kitchen strongly believes that nothing brings people together like good food.  It is a relaxed dinner restaurant beautifully decorated with brickwork. They serve the array of food from Indian to Italian and Mexican all at the same place. When one plate has two flavors, it becomes double delicious. And the same happens with this place. Being a decent joint, you can enjoy with family and friends with fusion on the list. They provide everything fresh and delicious at your table. This place is not only attractive for its food but also because of its interior shimmered with beautiful lights and paintings of the world map representing their name “The Fusion Kitchen”. The outstanding feature of this restaurant is its personalized service.

Besides, there are also various restaurants in Cyber Hub where one can get the food for the soul. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

zenrom AD

  • Burma Restaurant & Tea Room

It is lavishly decorated in local motifs and artwork, this Burmese restaurant serves a classic menu. So, if you are interested in taking the authentic food from Burma, then this place should be your first choice. You will see the reflection of history inspired by surrounding countries and ancient traditions in Burmese cuisine. The rich tastes and aromas you experience in each bite within Burma are contributed by Coastal, forest, tropical, and mountainous cultures. The trained chef at this restaurant not only prepare the mouthwatering food for you but also provide guests with a new, wholesome and innovative dining experience that interacts on various levels.


  • The Drunken Botanist

The Drunken Botanist is a very charming space if you’re looking for a fun evening with delightful cocktails. It is a much-maintained place with the superb interiors. It will definitely give you the peace and tranquility when you will get inside the restaurant. Due to the extensive variety of food, one can easily find their own taste.  Everything here is so yummy and well-presented that you will love to visit again. It’s more than just a normal restaurant.

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