Dress Code Etiquette: Suits for Social Occasions

“Wearing the correct dress for any occasion is a matter of good manners.”

– Loretta Young, American Actress

Have you ever experienced coming to a party and finding out that you were inappropriately dressed? Were there moments in your life where you found yourself underdressed or overdressed? Could there have been a time when you felt so lost as to what to wear to an event that you ended up not going at all?

Embracing Etiquette

Emily Post, the famous author and etiquette expert said, “Consideration for the rights and feelings of others is not merely a rule for behavior in public but the very foundation upon which social life is built.”

Dress Code Etiquette

Observing the rules of dress, then, is one of the important ingredients in the recipe for social success. Attending gatherings – may it be personal or professional – will require you to be considerate of others, especially your host, who has taken great strides in preparing a get-together for guests to enjoy.

This consideration includes the careful observance of time (when you arrive), basic courtesies (e.g. what to bring, proper greetings, making introductions), and dressing accordingly (how to interpret the invitation’s attire request).

For those who are still wet behind the ears when it comes to social soirees, dressing for the occasion may be a point of confusion. What suit do you wear to a summer outing? When do you wear a tuxedo? Why does it say white tie in the invitation, and what does that even mean? In this day and age where suits of every cut, style, and color are available, choosing the one that’s perfect for a particular event can be quite tricky.

From bespoke suits to one-of-a-kind couture creations, the variety can be overwhelming for the Average Joe who just wants his dose of healthy coffee in the morning and a nice baseball game at night.

To help you decode the suit for every social occasion, here’s a cheat sheet that can help you through:

1. Dressy Casual

Some party invitations would indicate dressy casual as the attire. Others would word it as smart casual or casual chic. When you see this, don’t panic. It’s just a notch higher than casual, meaning it’s a cross between light and easy but still fashionable and presentable. Normally, you get this dress code when it’s a night out with friends at a hotel bar or cocktails with colleagues at a corporate soiree.

For these occasions, you can still wear a plain tee but make sure you don a sport coat or blazer over it. Depending on the season on weather, your suit can be lighter (for warmer months) and darker (for cooler climes).

A dress shirt, casual button-down shirt, open-collar, or polo shirt will also do. If it says business casual, you can also opt to wear a tie to be paired with slacks and clean loafers, chic sneakers, or boots.

2. Business Formal

For more formal business meetings and events such as a conference, a shareholder’s meeting, or a product launch, business formal attire is called for. Depending on the company, this is the usual go-to attire for official events.

Normally, a dark business suit, a crisp dress shirt and conservative tie are paired with dark trousers. Dark dress socks and leather dress shoes complete the look. Others would also opt to wear a matching vest for such occasions.

3. Semi-Formal

Semi-formal affairs can range from a wedding engagement to a trendy restaurant opening. If the invitations indicate this, then you can go for a dark business suit for the evening, and lighter shades for daytime events.

A nice, clean dress shirt, tie and matching vest will complement the look. Dark dress socks and a pair of leather shoes will complete the outfit.

4. Black Tie

When the invitation says black tie, this means it’s time to don your best James Bond look.

Transform into a dashing debonair with your black tuxedo jacket and matching trousers. Underneath, wear a formal piqué or pleated front white shirt complete with shirt studs and cufflinks. You also need to wear a black cummerbund to match your black bow tie or vest. Black dress socks and black patent shoes complete this gentlemanly ensemble. The option to wear dressy braces is also accepted; however, no gloves are needed.

If you’re on a cruise, in a tropical climate, or in the summertime, a white dinner jacket, black tuxedo trousers, and other black tie wardrobe essentials are a preferred alternative.

When the invitation says creative black tie, you have the freedom to swap your white shirt with a black shirt or a colored cummerbund and bow tie. It offers more leeway for more artistic and trendy choices.

Black tie optional means you can wear a dark suit, white dress shirt, and a conservative tie paired with dark socks and dark leather shoes.

5. White Tie

Pull out all the stops when the invitation says white tie. For this, you will need a black tailcoat and matching trousers with a single satin or braided stripe running along the side. In Europe or the United Kingdom, trousers usually have two stripes.

It should be worn with a white piqué wing-collared shirt with a stiff front, braces (to ensure a good fit), white vest, white bow tie, and white or gray gloves. Shirt studs and cufflinks are used to accessorize the outfit. Black dress socks and black patent shoes should be worn.

Dressed to Thrill

You show your good manners and proper etiquette when you dress according to the occasion.

Exerting effort to dress for the occasion clearly implies you have respect and consideration for your host and other guests. At the same time, it also shows that you have a proper understanding of what is acceptable and proper so that you do not embarrass yourself or others while attending a social event.


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