Discuss various advantages of parking sensor

All modern cars have rearview cameras that assist with parking, but many times people still need more information than the camera can give. Many cars also have in build proximity sensors that warn car driver when he gets too close to a barrier with the front or rear bumpers, but many cars don’t have this feature. The parking sensor to avoid bumps would be the ideal complement to any car.

Discuss various advantages of parking sensor

The sensor can be paired wirelessly via Bluetooth to an Android or Apple phone with a free application. When the sensor pair with bluetooth, then it refers as bluetooth parking sensor. The phone application will become aware of the driver to visual, audible and vibrating alarms when the car is too close up to a problem. The sensor has a range of 18 “to 10 ‘and has an anti-theft alarm. This sensor is power-driven by two AA batteries (included).

The parking space sensor is for detection of parking occupancy. It can sense when the car is coming and going and the simultaneously this information sent to the gateway. Two different types of wireless communication exist, one is LORAWAN, and the other is NB-IOT.

Advantages of the smart parking lot

  • Live, the complete information in each parking space.
  • Guide drivers to the vacant spaces, enhancing traffic flow.
  • Instantaneous information about overvoltages for the application of the infraction.
  • It facilitates simple payment systems, without tickets and barriers.
  • Comprehensive information allows for future profitable planning.
  • Most excellent possible use of available space.

Characteristics of the parking space sensor

  • Wireless to facilitate installation and reduce costs by eliminating civil works.
  • Powered by long-life batteries for little repairs.
  • Robust construction to withstand both vandalism and accidental damage.
  • The unique design of the circuit of low energy consumption, purely battery. The battery of more than eight years under regular use.
  • Multiple remote administration model, Bluetooth compatibility, mobile application and backend software administration.
  • High precision detection up to 99.5%

The parking sensor should be considered as major important part of any car because it can avoid the driver or car owner from getting into any problem. This device will obtain a signal and then respond in a particular way to alert the driver or car owner. The parking sensor was planned to help people to park their beloved car even in the most crowded and congested areas of their city. Now people will no longer to be bothered about the safety because this sensor help car driver to improve his driving experience. The sensor can also make comfortable to the driver to park the car in a dark parking lot. The smart parking lot also helps drivers to park the car in a vacant palace and inform them about the incoming and outgoing of the car. With the help of this device, people can avoid hitting other cars when they are trying to park their car in a very congested area. Parking Dynamics PD1 will use because this incredible sensor can make a variation for anyone’s car. This sensor device can help people to integrate their car easily without having to waste their time or resources.

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