Understanding the Difference Between Office Furniture and Office Equipment

One gets often confused with terms such as office furniture and office equipment. Many people think that both the terms have the same meaning as furniture and equipment sound like synonyms. They are different from one another.

Both the terms have different meanings. Whether it is office furniture or office equipment, you need to purchase few important things for your workspace. There are many other factors that you need to consider while purchasing office supplies. Now, let us have a look at the difference between office furniture and office equipment in this blog.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is a type of fixed asset. It includes furniture such as chairs, desks, tables, bookshelves, and all other large items of workspace. The term might differ from office to office. Some companies include end tables and ceiling fans in office furniture.

Companies buy office furniture according to their budget. Large offices go for costly tables, desks, recliners, and bookshelves. Small offices have a limited budget and they have lightweight chairs and less expensive tables and other office furniture.

office furniture and office equipment

Expenses of purchasing office furniture are debited to office furniture or fixed asset account. Companies often purchase office furniture for the long term and do not change it every year.

If you want to have the customized office furniture nearby you to set up at your workplace, you can easily search for the same in Google or another search engine. Let’s say you are in Mumbai then search on Google for the Best office furniture manufacturer in Mumbai and you will get many results. You can then choose the top ones from the search results and contact them for further details.

Office Equipment 

Now, we will discuss the term office equipment. All the small items of office are included in office equipment. These items include pens, printer inks, staples, notepads, and copiers, and so on. Office equipment includes both large and small things.

The things under large equipment include computers, printers, fax machines, typewriters, scanners, and copiers. On the other hand, the small equipment of the office includes papers, staplers, files, folders, rubber stamps, ink refills, and others.

Office equipment helps to run small tasks of the office smoothly. These items need to be replaced every few years. They are some of the most important office supplies for every small and large company.

In addition to that, the office equipment includes some communication equipment such as telephones, intercoms, and copy machines. Some other items also include VoIP, routers, and modems. Office supplies are similar to office equipment. Some of the most important office supplies are envelopes, markers, notebook papers, calendars, and ink and toner for fax machines.

Other key differences between office equipment and office furniture    

We discussed many points above that show difference between office equipment and office furniture. Some more differences show differences between both the terms.

  1. Office furniture is expensive items whereas office equipment includes less expensive items.
  2. One does not need to replace office furniture every year but office equipment needs to be replaced every year.
  3. Investment in office furniture is the main investment while investment in office equipment can be done from the additional funds of the company.

These are the major differences between office furniture and office equipment. Both these things are important for running the business. Moreover, they simplify the daily operations and tasks of the office.

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