Devices You Should Pack in Your Emergency Kits

Emergency Kits

Emergency Preparedness Kits Essentials: 5 Gadgets That You Need

When a natural disaster strikes, it happens so suddenly that there is barely any time to run. Although there is no telling when an emergency situation might happen, you can still do something to minimize injuries and damages. 

Before a big hurricane or earthquake, it is best that you begin your preparations to keep yourself and your family safe. Here are gadgets that you need to check out add into your emergency kits:

Satellite Phone

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. Unfortunately, your iPhone or Samsung may not be as reliable during a calamity, especially because they rely on telecommunication infrastructure. When a flood or a tornado takes down cell towers, the entire network is at risk of failing. 

To make sure that you have the capability to ask for help, no matter where you are or what is happening, consider visiting a satellite phone store. Unlike smartphones, satellite phones do not rely on cell towers. Instead, they beam their data to satellites that are currently in orbit around Earth.

A satellite phone does not have restrictions. Those who use one can communicate with other devices no matter where they are in the world. That is why, in places where cellular coverage is weak or non-existent, it is the communication device of choice. 

Solar Charger

During a disaster, there is a chance that you will experience a power interruption that will prevent you from charging your devices. This may prevent you from getting updates about the situation outside of your door or from calling for help when you need to. 

Make sure that you have another source of energy when the grid goes down. Look for portable chargers that have their own solar panels to generate your electricity. That way, you can charge your phone and be able to receive instructions from the authorities or check that your loved ones are safe. 


A flashlight is one device that you should have in your emergency kit. As mentioned, during an emergency, power tends to go out. It will allow you to go around your house in the dark to turn off your utilities or illuminate your path when you need to evacuate immediately. 


Similarly, experts recommend having a battery-powered or hand-cranked radio in your emergency kit. Before the internet, authorities communicate helpful information and updates through the radio. 

Having one that does not need to be plugged into a socket to be useful may save your life in case you need to stay indoors or evacuate immediately. If you still do not have one, get a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio that broadcasts forecasts and alerts 24/7. When there is a life-threatening situation heading your way, it will transmit an alert so you can be prepared. 


A multitool is a good gadget to have even if you do not expect a disaster to happen any time soon. However, in a calamity, it will be a useful tool for survival. It will have everything that you will need: a can opener, a small blade that acts as a knife, scissors, tweezers, and a screwdriver. It is small and light, therefore, easy to carry with you at all times. 

Your emergency kit should be packed and ready to go in case you need to evacuate from home immediately. Pack everything that you need and place it somewhere that is easily accessible. It would also be smart to pack two emergency kits that you will leave at home and in your car. 

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