How to Detect and Secure Yourself from Fake Antivirus Software?

Internet threats are increasing day by day; thousands of new threats are arriving every single day. The best and easiest way for keeping these threats away is by installing antivirus software in your device. But the criminal minds are always ahead of us. Now they are spreading malicious threats with a cover of the fake antivirus. People quickly fall in their trap and install fake antivirus programs. Those antivirus programs can monitor your daily online activities, track your footprints, and steal your password and other important data without your knowledge. These fake antivirus programs look totally genuine but can cause real harm to your device and network. The best way for keeping yourself safe from these fake antivirus programs is by checking various details before installing antivirus software.

How to spot fake antivirus?

  • Fake pop-ups and advertisements are commonly used for spreading fake antivirus. While accessing a website you might have seen “Alert! This website may harm your web browser. Download XYZ antivirus instantly!” These types of alerts are usually fake. You can also get these bogus antivirus programs via email. If you get an email with an attachment from an unknown id then you should probably delete that email.
  • You may get alert that your device is under attack! Download this antivirus and protect your device from loss. When a person sees this type of alert; he quickly installs the antivirus and gets attacked.
  • If your antivirus is bogus then you will get more annoying pop-ups when your device is connected to the internet.
  • Your device will start working slowly because fake antivirus reduces system performance.
  • You may notice some kind of changes on your desktop, your hard disk space, or in your browser settings.
  • You may also get frequent crashes and freezes while scanning your device with fake antivirus.
  • Fake antivirus infects your device and then asks you to get the paid version of your antivirus. When you enter your net banking or credit card details for buying the antivirus; keyloggers steal your credentials and send it back to the attacker.

How to keep yourself safe from fake antivirus programs?

  • Never click on pop-ups.
  • Always buy a well-known and reputed antivirus. Activate Norton with product key will provide powerful firewall which keeps all kinds of fake pop-ups and ads away from your web browser.
  • Avoid using free antivirus; if you are using free antivirus then always it from the official website.
  • Keep yourself safe from all kinds of phishing attacks.

How to remove fake antivirus from your system?

  • Open your device in safe mode

You have to restart your PC and then hit F8 on the console. You will get various options; click to safe mode with networking and update your software and other security applications.

  • Reset your browser settings

Go to your browser settings and click on advanced tab. Now go to reset settings and then click on reset button. Then restart your device.

  • Install a genuine antivirus in your device and provide a powerful scan.
  • Remove all junk from your device such as temporary files, caches, cookies, history files, etc.
  • You can use clean manager tool for cleaning your system:
  1. Go to start menu
  2. Type command on the search bar
  3. Press Ctrl and Shift keys simultaneously and then tap the Enter button
  4. You will see a permission dialog box
  5. Hit Yes
  6. You will get a command prompt
  7. Type cleanmgr
  8. Hit Enter
  9. Clean manager tool will take some time checking your disk space
  10. Now click on all the boxes you want to remove from your device
  • Update your OS and other software programs to the latest version

You should firstly install a reliable and genuine antivirus whenever you buy a new device; this practice will secure your device from fake antivirus as well as all other kinds of threats.

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