Creative ways to make your wedding planning arrangements memorable


There’s more to a wedding than just one day’s ecstasy and celebration. When you switch on the creative cap, there’s a lot that can be done beyond the wedding day, so that the memories can last a lifetime. A wedding brings with it several elements like the wedding cake, bridal trousseau, the aisle, and many more. And if you want to make that day eternal, you will have to opt-in for creative ideas. It is where you need to count on the services and creative thinking of wedding planners.

Gone are the days when wedding planning was only about planning just the wedding. Today, the ace wedding planners will have to dabble with numerous themes, know the best flower decor and management and also suggest creative post-wedding ideas to preserve the fun and beauty. Wedding planners today need to undergo a formal advanced wedding planning course for the same. Rigorous training helps them to think outside of the box and come up with exciting ideas. Academic courses such as the likes of SA School of weddings – Planning Course trains aspiring wedding planners in a way that they can think creatively and arrive at unique solutions.

The task of a new-age wedding planner goes beyond planning the wedding stage and venue for that day. Today people count on them for endless creative inputs.  So, as we get back to the main topic, here are few creative inputs that ace wedding planners might suggest you.

  1. To make the gown into an ornament piece

If you’re a sentimental bride, then this idea is perfect for you. For transforming your wedding gown or a part of it into an earring, tie clip, or lace necklace, you can reach out to customized jewellery service providers who can help you attain so.

  1. Get a replica of your wedding cake

You sure don’t want to freeze your wedding cake. It is the reason you might need professional assistance that could make a miniature version of it. And this small version is a look-alike of your cake, which is a replica cake and not an edible one. You can use this replica as an ornament or a showpiece in your house.

  1. Have a wedding coffee-table book

Usually, this idea is popular with travelers, fashion bloggers, and authors. They often preserve their best authoring or traveling moments to create a coffee table book. You can do the same with your wedding. Select the high points of your wedding and the photographs that define it. And you can use them to create a coffee table photo book. You may count on your wedding planner to get the contact of a vendor who can arrange the same.

  1. Preserve that wine bottle in an artsy way

This idea will not cost you a hefty price. Go ahead and fill those empty wine bottles with wedding wishes that people can write for you at your wedding. You can select the one you like best and keep it.

The conventional roles and responsibilities of a wedding planner are evolving today! People want more than general services. A wedding planner more than being a manager of a wedding event is also the creative head of unique ideas. You can count on him or her for unique ideas as discussed above.

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