Popular llama crafts for kids

Popular llama crafts for kids. Llama crafts are gaining popularity and offer an excellent opportunity for children to explore textures and shapes in all sorts of different media. If your child is passionate about llamas, there are some amazing things he can do with them!

Wooden leg blade

Not a corsair story of a llama, this is a fun craft and can be practiced to enhance a school bag or hang up different llama-style art plans and easy landscape drawing.


For this craft, you will need to obtain:

  • Cream paper
  • Cream thread
  • Four wooden pegs
  • black pencil
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Colored paper (any color)
  • Colored pens
  • Pencil
  • Cream acrylic paint (optional)
  • Brush (optional)

Step 1: cut the sheet.

Help your child draw a flame on the cream-colored paper. It should be several inches wide; the pegs will form the llama’s legs, so it should be large enough to fit four pegs along the stomach comfortably. If your child needs help drawing the flame, an oblong shape gives the body a good condition, with a long neck and an oval head. Add some sticky ears on top, and the llama should do.

Step 2: decorate the flame.

Show your child how to cut a mat for the back of the lama. It can be done using glued colored paper or color it in with their pens if they prefer. Then they can draw zigzags or stripes and dots to make it cute. Then they must add the lama’s face by drawing two small round eyes, a nose, and a mouth. If your kid loves to draw, he may also want to draw in the realms around the llama’s face. Alternatively, attach a piece of colored yarn to create royal kingdoms.

Step 3: glue the pegs

Time to glue the wooden legs. You can glue two legs in front of the body of the llama or two in the back or glue all four in front or behind. Sticking them all to the back can look neater. If your child wants the legs to match the rest of the sheet, she can paint the pegs with cream acrylic paint.

When the boat is dry, your child can hook his new sword friend to whatever he wants! For simpler craftsmanship, use just two pegs; It will be easier for a child to get caught on things.

Leaf finger puppet

If your kid likes to stick his fingers into the paper to make the animal’s paws, it’s great to give it a try. It is simple, requires few materials, and even a child will appreciate it. You can do this work outside of a paper clip so the llama’s neck can be moved or held in place.


This craft requires:

  • Cream paper
  • Pencil
  • Decorative pens
  • Pair of scissors
  • Paper closure
  • Glue
  • Large circular punch (optional)
  • Accounts (optional)
  • Thread (optional)

Step 1: draw the flame.

Again, you will start by outlining the flame, even if it is larger than the previous one. Your baby will put their thumbs side by team to obtain the llama legs for this art, so she should perform it at least the diameter of your child’s hand (plus a little more to allow space between the holes).

Draw an oblong for the body of the sheet. If you are making a fixed neck and head, you can draw the neck attached to the elliptical or draw it separately and cut it out. If you want a movable channel, pull it individually.

Step 2: cut it out

Cut out the sheet and use a large hole punch, or carefully cut four circles at the bottom of the body of the sheet with scissors. Check that they fit your child’s fingers and if not, make them a little bigger. Next, take the paperclip and attach the neck to the front of the blade body. Fold the back of the clasp and show your child how the neck moves. They will love this. You can also make her head move independently, but you might think it’s too much for a swap. Draw the llama’s face and color the inside of its ears pink.

Step 3: decorate the slat.

Please help your child draw a large semicircle on the llama’s back and color it to create a quilt. They can later use their pens to finish this one. Add the beads or sequins and small pieces of yarn to surround the blanket with the tassels. The flame is now complete! Ask your child to put his fingers in and help his new puppet friend jog up and down the table.

Secret Messenger Blade

It is a more complex craft that an older child will have a lot of fun working on. It’s a great way to pass small notes with your child, and everyone knows that kids love notes.

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Will need:

  • 1 empty toilet tube
  • Cream paper
  • Cream acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pencil
  • Yellow paper
  • Glue gun
  • Cream thread
  • Yellow or brown thread
  • Waste paper
  • Cotton (optional)

Step 1: paint the toilet pipe.

First, help your child paint the toilet pipe with cream paint, turning it into a body of flame. Set it aside to dry.

Step 2: Cut off the legs and head.

Take the cream paper. Have your child cut out a long neck with an oval head on top, then help him shape two pointed ears and add a little more definition to the lama’s face. Next, you will cut two wide “U” shapes from the paper for the llama’s legs. These will stick to the bottom of the body of the blade.

Step 3: glue the sheet

Cut a small slit in the toilet pipe in the center of the top edge so that you can insert the neck of the blade. Paste it in place. Next, glue your inverted “U” shapes to the bottom of the toilet pipe for your slat to stand up. Draw the details on the llama’s face and ears, add a string for the tail and complete your basic llama shape.

Step 4: make the baskets.

Your llama will be able to carry secret messages and trinkets, so you will help your child cut out two circles from a yellow card, followed by two rectangles. The rectangles will form the edges of the basket. It is best not to make the baskets too deep (your baby should lift and remove things quickly), so be sure not to cut these rectangles too wide. They should be long enough to wrap around the circles. Let your child draw some curved lines for the texture of the baskets, then glue the rectangles around the processes to create a cylinder with a solid background.

Step 5: place the baskets.

Next, you will place a basket on each side of your llama’s body. Glue the baskets firmly in place, then glue a few strips of your brown or yellow thread to the body of the sheet to form the basket straps. Your lama message is almost complete! Please write a short note on a layer of paper, roll it up and place it in one of the baskets. Your child can take it out and read it whenever he wants and respond to you. He may want to supply the lama with some pre-cut leaves that can be rolled up and added to the baskets. You can additionally include a pin inside the tube, so your child always has something to write with; use the pen cap to snap it into place—Messenger Blade at your fingertips.

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