Cooking Up A Storm In The Kitchen This Summer


Summer is a great time of year to get into the kitchen and try out some tasty and delicious recipes. The Great British Summer won’t always give us endless sunshine and high temperatures, but you can still enjoy eating with family and friends whatever the weather.

Creating fun and healthy meals in the kitchen this summer is simpler than you think, especially when you have the best kitchen equipment to help you – such as Meyer Cookware. Here are what we think are the essentials every kitchen should have to be a seasonal cooking sensation.

Sharpness Makes The Difference

Having a decent set of kitchen knives makes all the difference to your meal preparation. Sharp knives will help you create some incredible dishes, such as fruit salads, stir-frys, and kebabs. A knife block containing a variety of blades will ensure you have the right tools to chop fruit, vegetables, and meat to produce sumptuous summer dishes. Why not try making your own colorful, crunchy coleslaw using sliced carrot, cabbage, celery, red onions and apple?

Add to a bowl with whisked mayonnaise, lemon juice, and vinegar to make an ideal accompaniment to any summer spread.

An Indoor Barbeque!

We all know that the weather in the UK isn’t always reliable. You can plan a summer get together with a state of the art barbeque, homemade cocktails, and beautiful food – then on the day, the heavens open and it’s game over. But it need not be the end of your plans. Having a cooker top griddle means that you can have your barbeque indoors! The griddle fits neatly onto your cooker top and uses the cooker burners to cook meat and vegetables just like a barbeque. It can even be used to warm up burger buns and can be brought to the table directly. The easy clean-up and instant heat mean it may be preferable to the traditional barbeque.

Steam It Up

A great way of ensuring your food keeps essential vitamins and minerals is to steam it. A multi steamer is a fantastic way of cooking all sorts of ingredients without the need to add butter or oil. Steamers aren’t just for preparing vegetables though. Try steaming delicate meats like fish or chicken, or even Chinese dumplings. Steamers can cook pasta to precision, and the more adventurous cook can use it for shellfish such as clams and oysters. They can even be used to steam decadent sweet puddings too.

Pan Fried To Perfection

Every home needs a frying pan, as they can be used to make even the simplest of dishes for family and friends. A brilliant and time-saving way of preparing meals is to cook everything in the one pan, and there are plenty of ways you can create delicious, healthy recipes with your trusty frying pan. Use your pan to make light and fluffy omelets, nutritious and colorful stir-frys, or even incredible desserts such as a simple Tart Tatin. Make sure your pan is heavy duty and oven-proof, as it will last longer and serve you for years to come.

Special Saucepans

An absolute must-have in your kitchen for all seasons is a good set of saucepans. The sheer versatility of your pans means you can use them to conjure up all sorts of summer goodies. You could try making your own jams and conserves using fresh, juicy summer berries, or use them to boil eggs to perfection for salads. You can also use your non-stick saucepans to create syrups for use in elegant cocktails, and even make your own caramel to drizzle over home-made ice cream sundaes.

Whatever the summer has in store, enjoy making the most of your kitchen and cook up a storm!







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