Continental Cuisine – Combing Taste, Flavour And Aroma

Continental cuisine example

Continental cuisine is a style of cooking that includes the better-known dishes of various countries of Europe. Continental cuisine uses seasonal products. Its preparation has been influenced by tradition. Continental cuisine ranges from simple folk meals to rich and complex cuisine. The most common feature is meat (pork, poultry, beef, and venison), fresh water fish (carp, perch, pike, trout, and catfish) and various kinds of vegetables (potatoes, beans, green beans, cabbage, onions, paprika, tomatoes, and beets).

Austrian cuisine is a mix from different ethnic cuisine. However pork and beef feature commonly in main items. Mediterranean cuisine consists of dishes using goats and sheep’s cheese, olives, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. German cuisine consists of pork and –other meat products. They also use cabbage, potatoes, dark bread, pickled fruits and vegetables, during the long winter months. Milk and cheese products, beef were only prepared on very high holidays, since cows were kept for milk. On the whole, Continental cuisine is a cuisine that reflects the lifestyle of the mountains, forests and plains.

In parts of Eastern Europe fish stew with sausage and ham is commonly prepared. In parts of Eastern Europe dishes using potato are common. Then there are Fresh salads that are made of white or red cabbage, mixed tomatoes, paprika and onions and spiced with pumpkin oil and vinegar complement a fine meat meal. Fresh vegetables are used for making fresh salads but ‘winter food’ consists of jams, syrups and different types of pickled vegetables. After each meal there are some of the traditional cakes of continental cuisine such as Walnut roll. Continental cuisine is healthy and has delicious tastes. It will linger in memory for a long time.

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