Common Problems with Sprayers.

Airless sprayers are easy to use and have resolved many issues of painting. They are better than conventional methods used for painting and are time savers. They work by pumping up paint at high pressure and then spraying it on the wall on other surfaces with the help of its gun. Titan series gun is considered one of the most convenient guns for airless sprayer guns. Like all other companies, all titan parts its sprayers follow a certain painting pattern, mostly the fan-shaped one.

Airless sprayers give a smooth finish, and their results are very much satisfactory. The only thing required while using an airless sprayer is technique and experience. Although they are very trouble-free when it comes to usage, they require proper technology to use a little bit of practice. You can paint your walls, doors, and wooden cabinets, but they are a preferable choice for large paint jobs.

Painting with an airless sprayer is an open place that can be risky as there is a chance of overspray. You might be painting your fence, but there is a chance that its droplets fall on your neighbors, which is anyhow not cool. This issue can bring you in trouble, so it is better to use an airless sprayer for indoor paintings. There are some common problems of painting which are also shared by airless sprayer, and they include

· Overspray

Overspray is one of the most witnessed problems of airless sprayers. And this also causes the wastage of paint as well. Airless sprayer needs high pressure for painting, which sometimes goes wrong when you are using it in an open area. The paint will spread in surroundings and will be wasted. Also, due to high pressure, more paint is broken, and the force of pressure spreads it in areas where you are painting. You can bring this problem to an end as there is no permanent solution to it. But you can use some tips and tricks to reduce it somehow. Keeping a check on the pressure of a gun is one of them. If you control the pressure of the gun, then there will be little overspray. But this possible if you keep an eye on the force of pressure you are applying. Select the right and minimum amount of pressure and then check the overspray result, which will probably below. The other factor contributing to spraying is the fan and tip, and over-spraying is mostly the result of the wrong selection of their sizes. The bigger the size of the tip and fan, the more the chances of over spraying. But if you manage to normalize both of them, you can avoid over-spraying to a great extent.

· Fluttering

Fluttering occurs when the air ring of the sprayer is clogged or blocked by some material. When the air ring gets clogged, the force of pressure causes scattering and fluttering of paint. And the final results are uneven and jaggy. You can resolve this issue by removing the material, causing a blockage in the air ring. You can also change the damaged or blocked ring with a new one, which is far better than removing the obstructive material by removing a tool. Fluttering also takes place when the tip of the spray is not tight. The loose tip will cause fluttering, and you fix it by using a ring spanner. A ring spanner or a torque wrench will bring it its place and will tighten it enough.

· Pressure issue

The most important thing required for an airless sprayer to work accurately is pressure. And sometimes, the pump of the airless sprayer cannot build up the required amount of pressure and builds up an insufficient pressure. This issue is due to inlet clogging or due to an issue in the valve of the inlet. Sometimes the valve is faulty and is not building up the right pressure. Check it out and fix it anyhow. If the inlet is clogged, use a pencil or any other sharp object to make its ways clear by removing the material clogged in it. And if both of them are fine and still your airless sprayer is not receiving pressure, then there is a problem in your suction tube. The suction tube is having a tight connection with the unit, and if it is not working properly, then your airless sprayer is not getting pressure. Check all the holes and kinks and fix the issue of pressure.

· Spray pattern

Rough and uneven pray pattern is also one of the frequently observed problems with airless sprayers. It is sometimes due to the large size of the tip. Large size of tip often causes destructive patterns of spray. Also, if the pressure is too high or too less bad patterns are observed, and they can be fixed by fixing the pressure.

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