Choose A Perfect Cocktail Dress As Per Your Body Type

Women wearing cocktail dress

Cocktail dresses are a necessary item for every woman to be kept in her wardrobe. Be it a special festive occasion or an evening out with your partner, these dresses surely have something that makes a woman feel sexy and confident. With an immense range of styles to choose from, women usually get confused as to which cocktail dress would suit their body type and shape. The basic key to finding such a perfect cocktail dress would be to get one that flattens out your body by creating an hourglass silhouette and balances your proportions in an even manner besides de-emphasizing your fat areas as well. Some of the most prominent and most sought after cocktail dresses areas listed below

Pear Shaped

Women wearing pear shaped wedding dress

Bodies having smaller uppers and heavy lowers are classified as pear-shaped. Strapless dresses, therefore, are the best way to show off your shoulders besides drawing away from the attention from your hips. Apart from this, halter-neck dresses, low-plunging necklines, flowing A-line skirts, and two-tones dress with brighter/lighter color above the waistline and the darker one below would bring out your figure in a proportionate manner.

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Inverted Triangle

Women wearing inverted triangle cocktail dress

Bodies with a naturally larger bust, slender hips/legs, and broad shoulders are classified as an inverted triangle. If you possess such a body type, you can create an hourglass shape by wearing such a cocktail dress that adds volume to your hip line besides de-emphasizing your upper body so as to create a shape of an hourglass. Sweetheart and V-necklines would significantly help in narrowing down your shoulders. Avoid wearing a full sleeve or strapless dress.

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Women wearing hourglass cocktail dress

Bodies with proportionate busts and hips are classified as Hourglass shaped. If you possess such a body, consider yourself lucky since this is the body shape desired by all women.  Choose a cocktail dress that emphasizes your waist definition. Avoid undefined and loose dresses or high necklines. Bodycon and shift dresses would prove to be perfect for such a body shape.

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Boyish/Rectangular Shaped

Women wearing rectangular shaped cocktail dress

Bodies with rectangular shapes, no curves, and straight from top to bottom are classified as rectangular or boyish. If you possess such a body shape, wear feminine cocktail dresses that imply or define your curves. Choose such a cocktail dress that has a sweetheart/scooped neckline which aids in adding curves to your upper body. Apart from this, dresses with ruffled tops, collars, detailing over the chest would also help in enhancing your upper body volume.

Apple Shaped

Women wearing apple cocktail dresses

Bodies with more-than-required weight around the middle, fuller busts, and less defined waists are considered apple-shaped. If you possess such a body, avoid wearing loose/shapeless dresses and try streamlining your body. Cocktail dresses having V-necklines would allow you to show your cleavage and hence, aid in proportioning your overall body line. Wrap dresses may also prove to be an optimum choice since they emphasize the bust area and get tied on one side of the body thereby.

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