Children’s winter overalls Carter`s


In winter, you always want to dress your child in warm, comfortable clothes. Winter overalls Carter`s – just that version of the product that guarantees the comfort of the baby. Consider the features of this type of clothing, its benefits.


Overalls benefits

The advantages of overalls are not only in their convenience, but have a number of other advantages. Let’s consider each of them in more detail.



The overalls are easy to put on, the child does not need to put much effort for this. Therefore, products are often bought for babies. But even older children will be comfortable in such an outfit.



Due to the tight fit, moisture, snow will not penetrate inside the product, and the product will reliably protect it from the wind.


Lightness of clothing

Overalls are much lighter than jackets and pants. Therefore, the child can be in such an outfit all day without feeling discomfort and other unpleasant sensations.

What should be a baby jumpsuit?

The main condition is that the jumpsuit must be quickly put on and off. Children who can stand on their own are advised to choose products with one zipper.


Examine the zipper carefully. The clasp is chosen in such a way that it is not very tight, of high quality, can be fastened as quickly as possible, unfastened without creating noise. The best option for lightning is considered to be “tractor”. It is important that there is a fabric corner in the collar that does not interfere with the zipper.


It is important that the bottom of the jumpsuit has knitted cuffs to protect the baby’s legs from wind or cold womens fur boots. On the sleeves, be sure to check for the presence of an elastic band or a cuff. In the presence of cuffs, it will be possible to additionally protect the child’s hands from the cold.

It is also important to consider the following details:

  • – the presence of a deep hood, which also allows you to pry on the hat, the presence of a sewn-in drawstring with a retainer for protection from bad weather;
  •  presence of a stand-up collar in the neck so that he does not press on the chin, does not close his mouth, this will prevent the appearance of skin irritations;
  • – the presence of reflective stripes that will serve as special protection.


Transformable overalls are also often produced, which can be easily converted into comfortable sleeping bags. This option is convenient when traveling with a child.

Features of Carter`s winter overalls

Carter`s winter overalls consist of warm winter pants and a comfortable jacket. The pants have cuffs that will be conveniently fixed on the shoe. The straps of the pants are adjustable, which is very comfortable for the child. The jacket is created on the basis of a fleece lining located along the back. There is also a fleece insulation in the hood. The jacket is easy to zip up. The zipper is protected by a special insert.

Product advantages:

  • – the presence of silicone or synthetic winterizer filler;
  • – use for the manufacture of natural water-repellent and wind-blown material;
  • – a guarantee of convenience, thanks to which the products can be worn during outdoor activities;
  • – the lightness of the overalls, which does not hinder the movements of the child, in comparison with other brands that differ in the release of voluminous, heavy products;
  • – original and bright design of clothes, because designers use only bright and rich shades, this allows the child to immediately stand out from other children.


Overalls can be worn at temperatures from 0 to -10 ° C, but if you put a fleece jacket on your child , it is allowed to use the outfit up to -15 ° C.


The color and model of the products depends on the preferences of the child. Children are more likely to wear maria b sarees, without parental prompts. The character of the child is of great importance. Aggressive tones are not suitable for calm kids, lovers of active pastime will not need dense insulation pads, since children will sweat in them and freeze immediately.

Important features of overalls

When choosing a Carter`s winter overalls for a child, it should be borne in mind that the jacket is fully consistent with the specified size, but the pants are a little undersized. When buying, it is recommended to start from the real dimensions located on the page of each of the products.


Since the hoods of the products do not pull together, it is recommended to wear overalls together with a snood or a stylish scarf. The bottom sleeves are fixed with Velcro. The pants of the overalls are high, so they will well cover the back, chest of the child. There is an elastic band at the waist of the product.


Carter`s winter overalls are a great option for stylish and confident kids.

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