Cavities- A Hole with a Role

Cavity-cavity where are you,

Here I am here I am

In your teeth to harm you.

Kids are fond of eating chocolates and all sugary foods from candies to lollipops, gummy bears, loads of ice-creams, cakes, doughnuts, etc. They even dream of wandering in a magical land where they have access to all these chocolaty things without any fear and restrictions.

We adults and parents also reward and bribe our children for various reasons by offering them chocolates.

Children also love to eat chocolates because chocolates release a feel-good hormone endorphin that keeps kids content for some time.

Chocolates also increase brain function in kids. They also contain certain minerals and antioxidants which benefits our children.

However, we have always blamed and targeted chocolates for having cavities in our kid’s teeth.

But, ” Is this the real culprit.” This could be a reason, but there are many more reasons why kids suffer from cavities.


The Real Reason for the Cavities to Form:

Apart from poor cleaning of teeth, snacking, and sipping sugary drinks, there are various other reasons. The real culprit for the cavities in our kid’s teeth is the presence of Streptococcus mutant bacteria, which is a natural and bacteria in our mouth. Small children are always in close contact with their mothers, and this is the reason why mothers are the primary transmitters of these bacteria to their children. The most common transmission path for the bacteria is vertical, i.e., from mother to child directly after birth. So mothers who have a history of poor dental hygiene and dental caries are likely to pass the bacteria from them to their kids. Continuous close contact and sharing of utensils with others is also a significant reason for the bacteria to get transmitted.

Small children also suffer from cavities because they often have sugar-rich drinks during periods of sleep.


Toothache, brown, black, and white stains on the surface of a tooth, pain while biting. Tooth sensitivity- shooting pain while eating or drinking anything hot or cold.

Prevention and Treatment of Cavities:

It is always suggested to have regular dental checkups even when you have no problem. Parents should make it a priority to teach good oral hygiene habits in their kids routine. Mothers especially should be made aware that naptime bottle feeding should be avoided as this is also associated with this.

Here our dentist is going to help us to get rid of this disease. Parents should visit a pediatric dentist as soon as they see any sign of cavities. Choose a dentist who is fully skilled in his job and has a child-friendly ambiance in his clinic. This is because kids get scared while visiting a doctor. If the ambiance and dentist are child-friendly, then kids will be at ease, and the dentist can work without distraction. The pediatric dentist will first educate parents about oral hygiene and suitable treatment for cavities.

The dentist will examine your kid’s teeth and may suggest X-rays. If he discovers a cavity, he will treat it by removing the part that has rotted in your kid’s tooth and then by filling the hole in the tooth with unique filling material by a procedure called as filling.

Do visit the dentist till the completion of the treatment and for regular follow-ups. This will keep you away from future problems of the teeth.

Remember, dentistry is not expensive; neglect will cost you more. The best pediatric dentistry is there for your rescue because they care for your smile.

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