How Can Occupational Therapy Be Useful In Improving The Quality Of Life?

There is no wonder that occupational and physical therapy do wonder to your health. When we speak about occupational therapy, it is basically, an evidence-based treatment. It primarily focuses on the patient’s ability to perform everyday tasks. Let us understand how it benefits people suffering from various troubles.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

occupational therapy

According to Oshkosh Northwestern, “Occupational therapy is the use of assessment and treatment to develop, recover or maintain the daily living and work skills of people with a physical, mental or cognitive disorder.

It helps people to better participate in their daily activities with ease and comfort. Occupational therapists can provide a variety of exercises and activities to help patients with a decreased range of motion so that they can perform tasks like bathing, feeding, and dressing with ease.

With the increasing age, elderly adults find it difficult to perform the activities we mentioned above. However, occupational therapy helps people with a variety of troubles that can relate to physical & mental health, injuries, aches, and more. Occupational and physical therapy go hand in hand, but occupational therapy is much more to this. Moreover, it heals and helps people of all ages.

Common Benefits Of Occupational Therapy

Fall Prevention

Elderly adults are majorly prone to facing falls due to a lot of reasons. Also, many people suffer from injuries, which reduce their mobility, flexibility, and strength.  Occupational therapy effectively helps them in preventing these falls. It also benefits people with neurological disorders. These patients suffer from severe health conditions that affect their mental health due to which they lose their motor skills. Occupational therapy helps in increasing the range of motion and the ability to perform the daily routine tasks.

According to Therapy Choice, “occupational therapy goes beyond addressing injuries. It includes the whole person’s functional needs and implements activities to promote psychological well-being.

Helps Mental Restoration

Patients suffering from neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and others affect their mental stability. Also, the age-related troubles often affect one’s brain functioning. Occupational therapists accurately address these conditions and disorders. They design the most relevant treatment plan that helps recover faster and meets the individual needs of patients.

Moreover, they also offer brain training exercises to help in preventing or delaying the effects of these conditions. Occupational therapists target mental health and provide an effective treatment plan to help these patients.

Helps Aged Patients

Often, with the increasing age, people lose their independence. Their dependency increases in doing the routine chores. In this case, having an occupational therapist can help a lot in leading a better life without any hassles. They look after every single need of the person. Moreover, they also teach how to age in place and help them develop partnerships with other senior adults and community members.

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Offers Home Safety Evaluation

Elderly adults and patients with neurological disorders and conditions may find it difficult to survive in their own home, apart from losing their independence with the increasing age. Here, an occupational therapist can help in incorporating safety devices that can be extremely useful to them. For example, they assist in integrating handrails, grab bars, non-slippery floors, and walk-in bathtubs. These types of equipment can help in preventing harmful accidents and living a self-supporting life.

Improves Health

Primarily, occupational therapists help in increasing the quality of life. They provide several treatment and training programs to help patients regain their physical strength and mental stability. They help senior adults to regain their confidence, overcome fears, and live a better lifestyle. Moreover, if the person is suffering from an injury, they ensure a rapid recovery, along with improving their overall health.

Offer Knowledge & Education

Primarily, occupational therapists will ensure the home is safe to live independently for the patients suffering from disorders, conditions, and aging troubles. They will teach them how to eat well, stay active and healthy. As a result, the patients will improve their health and will learn an independent way of living eventually. Also, they will teach senior citizens how to overcome their fears, change their daily lifestyles, and become more confident. For doing all this, they will offer the most relevant and suitable training programs and exercises.

Play A Role Of Caregiver

A caregiver is a person who provides care and assistance to the senior adults for continuing their routine life without any hassles. However, caregiving is an exhausting and rewarding task at the same time. An occupational therapist accurately performs the duty of caregiving to the elderly adults and helps them do their daily tasks with ease and comfort. Also, they teach and provide them with training programs to lead their life independently.

Dealing With Dementia Patients

Unfortunately, occupational therapy cannot prevent the dementia condition. However, these experts can help them live a pleasing life by offering suggestions of foods with pleasing texture, soothing music, stretching, and other exercise programs to relieve their pain.

Assists Rehabilitation

Often, elderly adults become disabled after surgery, until they start to recover. Occupational therapy can help them in restoring the function, increasing the range of motion, and recovering faster to live a normal life. They help them at every stage of their treatment and recovery. Thus, occupational therapy can change people’s lives and help them live it better, healthier, more active, and more pleasing.

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