Buyers Getting Positive For Private Label Beauty Products


Private label beauty products are getting more buyers with an increasingly wide range of offerings that push their value-added nature and affordable rates. The private label body care cosmetics products manufacturers have been spending their more time on using fragrances to add value from traditional floral to more adventurous notes. The manufacturing department also making an extra sophisticated range of products, including- bath, skincare, and cosmetics beauty products with different advantages to woo consumers and make them leave another popular brand.

Retailers are developing hybrid private labels, working with different companies to offer brand name ranges via their stores. If you ask what is a private label, experts will define it as – a company that manufactures a vast range of products (most of the time drugs and cosmetics) and sells them to other organizations. Later, the same products are sold by organizations under their trademark.

Today, more than half of a consumers demand premium private label products. They are loyal to a specific store as it offers them a private label range. Experts made a report in which they discovered that 85% of consumers told that they trust a private brand just like a national brand. Around 81% of consumers told that they shop private brand product whenever they shop.

The Insight

Private label brands were earlier seen as value products with lower quality, but those days are gone. Today, private label growth is now overtaking national brands and catering shoppers demand on large scale. Nowadays, more retailers are investing in contract manufacturing body care products and customizing them to meet market demand.

The reports explained the fact that consumers are more relying on premium and organic range of body care cosmetics products that are supplied by their preferred private label brands. When retailers develop more of these offerings, they get benefits and generate extra profits.

There are retailers in the market, testing ways to juggle their private label brand portfolios and keep up with the trend. The sleek packaging, premium quality, affordable prices, and personalized products are keeping consumers dependent on private label brands.

No wonder, retailers are going through a tough time. People are avoiding visiting malls and the business of retailers there is continued to fall since. More retailers are liquidating, which results in empty spaces inside the malls and so, nobody wants to go to the malls to see empty stores. The reports suggest that 25% of today’s malls will shut down before next the decade. Consumers are mostly seen spending their money from material goods to experiences. The future doesn’t seem promising for businesses that are selling tangible things or products.

The private label body care products still give hope to retailers as these are often considered as a store brand or generic products that will be a critical tool in stemming the broken retail. People are also aware of the value of the private label beauty products that cost them less as compared to branded items.

Major benefits for Retailers

There are advantages for retailers to bring more contract manufacturing body care products into their store for consumers, such as:

  • Lower Costs

Retailers can enhance their profit margins with private label product selling. Consumer and retailer both know that they have to pay a “brand tax” for buying a branded product. This brand tax can be avoided when they buy an own-label product of equal quality at affordable rates. The only thing is that retailers need to truly understand the market of the products they are making. Poor research and quality ranges will only bring customer losses, which is unhealthy for retailers.

  • Differentiation from Competitors

Better margins from private label products allow retailers to generate more profit that is later invested in further expansion of the product range. This brings them more customer base for a new range of products.

  • The Loyalty of Customer

The most amazing benefit of private label is that they bring a loyal customer. When the retailer has a specific range of private label products that meet the customer demand, this makes a customer to visit the store of retailer more frequently.

Innovation and variety are the keys to bringing loyal customers for private label retail. There are minimum 5 private label ranges focused on organics, naturals, mid-tier, premium, and value lines in several grocers. New opportunities are available for retailers who serve the new customer trends such as ‘sustainable and eco-friendly.

Retailers need to work closely with a limited number of Private Label Body Care Products suppliers on cost improvement and innovation. Suppliers have to grasp the market trends for a particular category better than the retailers to work together and ensure the optimal range for customers.

Consumers are more interested in buying an organic and natural range of private label beauty products. They know the harm caused by chemicals and don’t want to risk their lives. Retailers need to bring a more healthy range of products to woo their customer base.

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