Build A Quad Track In Your Backyard With This Guide

 Of course, the prime requisite for building a quad track on your land is that you have enough space. Assuming that you do have a large area that could be used for this purpose, there’s a lot to consider before any earthmoving can begin.

 The first thing to do is to assess the natural lay of the land. The aim is to use hills and contours to your advantage, which will give you a track that has some variation.

Legal Issues

 Before you jump into track planning, check the legal situation. Obviously, the land must be owned by you, then there are noise issues, so if you have neighbors, they might not be too happy with quads racing by. If any part of the track touches public domain land, it won’t be possible to do anything, so do check thoroughly that you are not encroaching or causing noise pollution to nearby residents.



 It is worth remembering that water will always find its own level, so take a look at the lowest part of your planned track and see what the drainage is like. It might be that you have to install some drainage (shingle and pipes) to avoid the track becoming waterlogged, which could be costly.


Creating Contours

 You might be thinking to import soil, yet this is rarely needed, as you can create hills and dips with a mini-digger, just check that there are no utilities in the area you plan to excavate. Soil you remove from one area can be used to create a hill somewhere else, and it is a good idea to create a floor plan of the track prior to digging.  



 If you are planning on inviting friends over to try out your track, you’d best check with a lawyer whether or not your property insurance would cover compensation claims in the event someone was injured. It is better to think about these things before an incident occurs, and you may even have to get your visitors to sign a form saying they accept liability for an accident that causes them or their machine damage. You also have to ensure that you’ll be using quality vehicles to lessen the chances of mishaps, especially if there will be kids riding. You can find adult and kids quad bikes only at Quadbikes R Us, a leading UK supplier of quads and accessories.


Building Ramps

 If you want to include a few jumps, then some calculation is in order when working out the steepness, which will ensure that the ramp is not of an incline that would keep you and your quad in the air for too long. Also, calculate the landing ramp, making sure it is of the right angle, which will make your track safe, but also challenging at the same time.  

 With a little planning and a small budget, you can build a nice quad track on your land, just make sure that there will be no legal issues with neighbors, as you don’t want to jeopardize your good relations.

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