Buddha Jewellery: A way to remember the principles for ending life’s miseries

According to Buddhism, the way to ending the miseries of lies in striking a delicate balance and avoiding extremities: It emphasizes the importance of a morally righteous life and administers an eight fold path. There is a saying that this balance comes from having a calm and peaceful mind and soul, which one can achieve through moral life, prayer, meditation, and detachment. It is this ideal that Buddha bracelet seek to remember believers and followers every day.

The Buddha and the Way of the Middle

The Buddha realized the principles and beliefs of Buddhism around 490 BC. Born of Siddhartha Gautama to royalty, Buddha lived a young and extravagant life. That is until he came across the suffering and illness of the world outside of the protected life he was leading. This pushed him to renounce his riches and his extravagance to pursue an ascetic life. Soon, he realized that to be free of suffering, one must seek the Middle Way: the perfect balance between austerity and luxury and between negative and positive poles.

Buddha Jewellery

The Middle Way also means many other things: it means not to become extreme anger or extreme joy. It also means looking at everything from all sides and not being partial when making judgments. The Middle Way, in a certain sense, taught to be separate from the extremities of material desire and forms, such as money, material things, negative thoughts, excess and power. However, it does not mean separation from humanity. In any case, Buddhism teaches everyone to love each other, the universe and nature, and to live compassionate and benevolent lives.

Buddhist jewelry and awakening

Because the word “detachment” is popular in Buddhist teachings, some people may think there is a conflict between the Middle Way and the use of Buddhist jewellery. One could ask oneself: “How can I follow Buddha wearing something with material value?”

You must understand that Buddha jewelry is more than “valuable jewellery” or simply a ring, a bracelet or a pendant. One should see the Buddhist jewels as reminders of the teachings and ideals of Buddhism and the Middle Way. You do not wear Buddhist jewellery just to enhance your outfit or to show off your new ring. These special gems are essential to maintain the teachings of harmony, balance, enlightenment, and detachment near the heart and soul. A lotus ring, for example, can remind you how the lotus flower means unfolding, waking up and, at the same time, is rooted in the ground.

Another good example of gold Buddha necklace full of significance is the pendant of Dharma, an involvedly engraved pendant that represents the Sacred Fig Leaf and the Wheel of Dharma, which is symbolic of the Middle Way, to awakening and the freedom of suffering.

Buddha jewellery can also come in the form of rings. In an analogous way where wedding rings remind couples the vows of love and loyalty, Buddha jewellery rings remind bearers that they should be loyal to the teachings of Buddhism. The happiness ring, for example, contains the words “This will also change” in Hebrew. It reminds the bearer of the transience of life, and the only permanent thing in the world is change.

Through following the Middle Way and the Buddha’s teachings and with the help of Buddhist Jewels such as the Dharma pendant and the Ring of Happiness, we can all find our way to happiness, peace, love and balance perfectly.

Jewellery is not an essential part of Buddhism. Yet they can aid the spiritual progress of an aspirant when used as per the dictums of the Buddhist scriptures.

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