Breakfast That One Must Try On Weekends

The weekend is the time that most everyone awaits to have some fun. The slower days and hours make us want to have a cup of coffee and read some inspiring books. For others, however, the idea of fun includes eating lots of delicious food. This is the sole reason why the premium restaurants Melbourne have a special menu on weekends.

Breakfast That One Must Try On Weekends

If a particular individual ends up having delicious breakfast on the weekend, they might share their feelings with others.

This winter, we can bring satisfaction and bliss to our taste buds by eating the trending breakfast items mentioned below:

1- Nutella stuffed pancakes: What is better than to introduce the day with stuffed pancakes? This is one of the top breakfasts ordered by the individuals every weekend. Most of us might face difficulty in stuffing the Nutella inside the pancakes to make it both soft and sweet. This is where the experts come to the restaurant.

The customers usually love the serving with vanilla ice cream, oreo crumbles, grilled bananas, and strawberries. The pancake itself is made out of the goodness of egg. Milk, vanilla extract, flour, baking powder, and sugar. The buttery Nutella makes it even delicious against the tongue for the individuals.

2- Special Shanklin breakfast: Another favorite item for the individuals during the weekend is Shanklin breakfast that has a higher possibility of satisfying the customers. Several delicious items are served to the individuals during weekends under this section. It includes grilled halloumi, sourdough toast, potato rosti, spinach, bacon, eggs, grilled tomato, and mushroom.

3- The signature dish: This is perhaps the most awaited item for most of us at the restaurant. The reason behind this being a signature dish is the demand and uniqueness of the aspect. The expert’s comment that the individuals have cherished the breakfast every weekend with all their heart. That is why this has become the third most ordered dish in the restaurant.

Usually, the signature dish is prepared with both beauty and taste combined with nurturing both heart and body. The dish, Eggs & shanklish is served explicitly to customers of the restaurant along with aspects including bacon, mint, wilted spinach, spring onion, fresh herbs, and cherry tomatoes.

4- Porridge: Homemade porridge might not be the first choice for individuals around the world today. The restaurant experts, however, states that this particular dish has been beneficial for the health of the individuals having it almost every day. This is why most of us strive to have this breakfast on the weekends.

Most ladies are especially attracted to this dish because of its lower calories. It also has a fibrous aspect along with special nutrients, making it effective for breakfast. Even if an individual desires to change their diet, this is the one thing that can be included easily. The cooks at the restaurant try their best to make it as tasty as possible.

5- Portobello Mushroom: Mushrooms are trending throughout the winter season every year. This peak season holds more importance for mushroom dishes for the restaurant. It has been one of the top-selling veggies around the world today. The dish Portobello Mushroom is specifically a primary choice for the individuals on weekends because of its qualities and nutrients.

The food contains vitamins that help in the absorption of phosphorus and calcium in the body. It is a good source of vitamin D and gives tremendous energy to work after the weekend.


Certainly, most of us desire to have best food hawthorn on the weekends. That is the reason why we search for solace in the Shanklin cafe Melbourne branch. There, breakfast and drinks are available at affordable rates for both the college students and entrepreneurs.

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