Brazilian Laser Hair Removal: Everything That You Need to Know

It goes without mention that laser hair removal treatments have spilled over from Hollywood into the mainstream and it is one of the most widely sought-after cosmetic treatments in the United States.

But what is really amazing is Brazilian laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular and what earlier used to be the professional requirement of supermodels is now becoming a fashion statement for the sand-and-surf-loving class woman. So, what exactly is Brazilian laser removal and why is it so popular? Let’s find out.

What Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Let’s turn back the pages of history and go back to 1945 when lingerie started evolving tremendously. Skimpy and still skimpier outfits started becoming popular and to accommodate the extreme narrowness of bikinis, the Western women started shaving off pubic hair so everything was under wraps.

Laser Hair Removal

Now, back in those days, laser hair removal treatment, let alone Brazilian laser hair removal treatment was not available, so shaving blades were the only tools available for the job. Over the last couple of decades, laser hair removal technology evolved tremendously and the removal of hair from the pubic area using laser came to be known as Brazilian laser removal. Now, Brazilian laser hair removal is a commonplace choice for young and middle-aged women across the United States.

Brazilian laser hair removal is definitely a more hygienic, safer and permanent hair removal method for removing a part of the pubic hair or getting rid of it completely. And yes, Brazilian laser hair removal also allows partial removal of pubic hair – you can just leave behind a neat strip, a small triangle of hair or just no hair at all – it completely depends on your preference.

Why Should You Choose Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

Brazilian laser hair removal has become somewhat popular because this procedure has taken the process of laser hair removal to a completely new level – to begin with, the candidate does not have the worry about regular shaving (which could lead to ingrown hairs and unwanted bikini bumps) and the best part is you are just going to love that fresh and clean feeling throughout the year without having to worry about maintenance. And of course, there’s the issue of hygiene and safety.

Temporary hair removal solutions such as waxing and shaving are simply not worth it in the long run because they are not cost effective and could eat up a lot of your early morning time. Brazilian laser hair removal treatments offer a more cost-effective, time saving and permanent solution.

So, what is the difference between a regular Brazilian laser hair removal treatment and a full Brazilian laser hair removal treatment?

You’ve got a lot of choices as far as Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is concerned – a regular Brazilian laser hair removal treatment would remove most of the pubic hair, whereas a full Brazilian laser hair removal treatment would remove all the pubic hair.

Depending on its size, you could go for a full Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, Brazilian laser hair removal with a stripe ( a thin strip of head would be left behind), Brazilian laser hair removal with a triangle (all but a triangle of hair would be there) and Brazilian with custom design (a design of your choice depending on hair density).

Quite a lot of options eh?

How is your doctor or nurse going to know about your design preference?

It’s very simple! Before going for a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, all you need to do is shave the pubic area in the exact same fashion you would like it to look after the Brazilian laser hair removal treatment – the laser treatment would be performed on just the shaved areas leaving behind a design patch of hair.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost

A typical Brazilian laser hair removal session cost around $65-$80. for a total of 8-10 sessions, the price would be approximately $600-$700. That said you can opt to purchase a laser hair removal device like this company.  Once of fee of about $200 and you will never have to visit a hair removal clinic again.

How safe is Brazilian laser hair removal?

Brazilian laser hair removal or bikini laser hair removal as it is more commonly called is just as safe as any other type of laser hair removal treatment.

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