Body Armour suits to ensure Life Protection

Body armour equipment are lifesaver for police offers. There and multiple attacks around the world, and the handling responsibility falls upon the patrol and police offers. They put their lives at risk to maintain calm and peace around the area. Police officers are full of strength and dedication for their jobs. Even if they saw the danger coming right at them, they would not flinch away. It is essential to ensure the safety of such strong-hearted people who prioritize their city over themselves.



Buy from a certified place.

Police need to have body armour on themselves most of the time, especially when they are patrolling or when a violent mob is protesting. These armours should be of high quality and must be durable. This is why they must always be purchased from a certified armour store that knows the details and prices the equipment at the correct value. This makes the purchase more affordable, and the items are indestructible.


Types of body armours

Here is a list of the essential armours that are the best rated when it comes to safeguarding the lives of our strong police officers:


  • Ballistic Protection: Otherwise known as the bulletproof vest, this does exactly what the name suggests. Ballistic armours are categorized according to the ammunition they can resist. The most common firearms, such as 9mm and .44 magnum, are well stopped by level 2A and level 3A armours. Bulletproof vests are made up of a soft material called Kevlar that can prevent and contain the bullet to a complete halt. Level 3 and level 4 armours are hard armours that protect against high-velocity rifles and powerful machine guns. Military soldiers usually require hard plated armours, while for police officers, it is better to go for soft plated armour.



  • Edge protection armour: This is also called stab protection armour that protects against knives, axes, swords, etc. An edge protection armour is made up of fabric like a chain mill or laminate that the knife or axe cut through instead of getting stuck in it, as in the case of the bulletproof vest.


  • Throat and Groin protectors: Aggressive attacks are often aimed at sensitive spots like the neck and groin. To safeguard the vulnerable parts of the body, soldiers and police officials use groin and neck protectors. A groin protector is like an undergarment that reduces the blow of a kick or an attack by any sharp object. A neck protector engulfs the neck skin and is made up of relatively offensive material. This protects against cuts and direct attacks. The neck is the most sensitive body part, and before going into the battleground, it is mandatory to safeguard it.


  • Multi threat armours: Often, the individual armours become too heavy on the body and reduce efficiency. This may cause lagging in reaction time which in the police department means a threat to life. Multi-treat body armours are often equipped with neck protection, bulletproof vest fabric material and multiple layers to protect against stabs and cuts. A multi-threat armour is a more innovative option because of its comparatively lesser cost than individual body armours and its increased effectiveness.


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