The smoothing brush is now a must-have accessory for all women who like to take care of their hair every day. An easy-to-use device that allows you to quickly make hairstyles yourself. There are however a multitude of models and making the right choice is not always easy. Discover in this buying guide the best advice to find the smoothing brush that suits you and you can buy from thegadgetspro.

What is a smoothing brush?

Marketed since 2014, the smoothing brush or smoothing brush is a beauty accessory that helps smooth hair quickly and efficiently. Resembling a regular hairbrush, it consists of a handle and a head surmounted by a comb with plastic pins. Only it has a heating system with temperature control to eliminate frizz and make hair smoother. Some features, such as power, width, and coating, may vary depending on the model.



  • The best value for money: Ionic heating smoothing brush – ARINO

Here is a dedicated model for those looking for an easy-to-use smoothing brush at the best value for money. It is an accessory with an LCD screen, an MCH heater and a fast heating and automatic shutdown providing a smooth and natural smoothing. A brush that is suitable for all types of hair and protects against burns.


  • Best Cheap Model: 2 in 1 Smoothing Brush – MIROPURE


This is the ideal model if you are looking for a cheap, effective smoothing brush. Get natural-looking, soft, silky and radiant hair quickly with MCH heating technology. This brush with 5 heat settings is suitable for any type of hair. It also has an auto power off feature for added security.


  • The best high-end model: heated smoothing brush – MADAMEPARIS


This high-end smoothing brush will seduce you as much by its design as by its efficiency and its functionalities. It is characterized by fine finishes, a quality LCD screen, and a rotating handle. Using an MCH heater, an Ionic function, and ceramic spikes, it will give you in just 3 minutes an even smoothing and shiny hair.


Depending on the nature and holding of your hair

Before offering a smoothing brush, it is important to first ask yourself if it suits the nature and the holding of your hair. Know that there are less efficient models that are only effective on hair smooth and fine enough. The best brushes can also tame and smooth thick, curly, wavy, curly and even frizzy hair. These most often benefit from different temperature settings with locking to adjust heat to the type of hair. To find the ideal accessory, you must also consider the length of time it offers. A device with good performance will be advantageous if you want your hair to be smooth and silky as long as possible.

Depending on its power

As with any electrical appliance, power is a criterion to consider when choosing a smoothing brush. This determines the ability of the accessory to heat up quickly. The more powerful it is, the more the heating time will be reduced. However, your choice should also depend on your type of hair. If the latter is thick, it is best to turn to a model of at least 1200 W with a temperature of up to 230 °. This in order to obtain a perfect result in a minimum of time. However, if you have fine hair, you can lean for a brush with a power of less than 1000 W. Know that a strong heat can attack your hair.

According to ergonomics

Ergonomics is one of the defining characteristics, as it determines speed, efficiency and user comfort. The first thing you need to consider is the width of the brush.This one will have to choose according to the length of your hair and hairstyles that you wish to realize. The longer you have long hair, the larger the diameter of the comb. You can then check the weight of the device while knowing that the light models are the most manageable. Make sure that the shape of the handle offers a pleasant grip. The most enjoyable high-end smoothing brushes such as the MIRACLE edition of MadameParis are even equipped with a rotating handle and an LCD screen.

Depending on its coating and its safety

Like straightening irons, smoothing brushes can have different coatings. Models with a ceramic coating are recommended because they provide good heat distribution. This type of accessory thus makes it possible to have hair not only smooth but also more silky, soft and shiny. In addition to the coating, it is also essential to take into account the level of safety. It is true that small balls of protection at the end of the pimples already avoid burns of the scalp. However, a good brush has to offer more. Some are for example equipped with a handle that does not heat. The best models have anti-scald contours that prevent you from burning your arm or hands or automatic power off function that allows the unit to turn off automatically after long heating times.

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