5 Best Makeup Brands In Pakistan Online?

Makeup has become a trend in Pakistan. Thus, every female in Pakistan wants to buy from the best makeup brands. This trend is on fire in the western world and Pakistan isn’t far behind as well. It is becoming easier day-by-day to buy cosmetic products.

Pakistani women have a deep love for makeup products. They spend lavishly to buy luxurious makeup. Makeup is available in Pakistan at expensive rates as compared to the western world.

However, females’ love for makeup is not affected by these high prices. Cosmetics are available at almost every departmental store and malls in Pakistan.

Females are quite aware of different makeup brands and their benefits. Many businesses import original cosmetics in Pakistan. Many makeup brands became affordable with this business and they are also making these products easily available for customers.

Makeup got immense popularity, massive support, and love from Pakistani women, and there has always been observed a rising trend for buying makeup, cosmetics, skincare, health care, and other products.

Maybelline New York:

Maybelline is New York-based brand. This brand is very popular among Pakistani women. Maybelline provides almost every item of makeup a customer requires. They have a wide range of cosmetic products to offer.

Maybelline provides different foundations for all types of skins. Without a doubt it perfectly suits them and it keeps the face streak-free as well. Maybelline foundations spread evenly throughout the face. Products of Maybelline brand are one of the most frequently purchased cosmetics in Pakistan.


L’Oreal S.A is a French company based in Clichy, Hauts-de- Seine, Paris. It is the world largest makeup supplying company which holds a strong image in western world and in Pakistan as well.

This brand supplies cosmetic, skin care products, perfumes, hair care products and hair colors too. L’Oreal has been growing worldwide and gaining remarkable global success. It provides of course very French beauty products which are highly recommended in Pakistan’s beauty industry.


Essence as we know is an American-based brand. This brand is known for producing high quality makeup products. Prices are quite low as compared to the quality of their products. Actually, it is unbelievably affordable with such a great quality.

Essence is a trusted makeup brand in Pakistan and with such high-quality products, this brand has gained so much love form, Pakistani women. It provides cruelty-free guaranteed makeup. Without fail, Essence is one of the best makeup brands.

If you are on a budget and looking for something inexpensive but good quality at the same time then this brand is your go-to brand.


Estee Lauder is an American-based brand. It owns plenty of different types of makeup brands. Estee Lauder is no doubt one of the most well-known luxurious and trustable makeup and skin care brand on the market.

Estee Lauder is a huge influence itself in the beauty industry. This brand ace the hype. It’s not only famous in the western world but also has the worth of the hype of Pakistani women.

Their serums are quite famous for their extremely good quality and amazing outcome results. Estee Lauder does not just provide high quality cosmetics it also provides skincare products.


Makeup Revolution is a British trading company UK-based. Makeup Revolution is worldwide recognized cosmetic brand which provides Makeup, Skin care and Hair care products. Makeup Revolution has the goal of advancing “Quality makeup accessible to everyone.”

This brand has a passion to bring latest trends and products in beauty industry. Makeup Revolution has the love and interest of Pakistani women.

This brand not just provides good quality makeup but it also provides Skin care products. This brand is quite famous in Pakistan and it is highly recommended in Pakistan’s beauty industry.

There are many websites that are providing 100% authentic cosmetic products in Pakistan and have a variety of best makeup brands. Sales and purchase rates are quite impressive.

Authentic skin care brands like Clean & Clear, Revolution, Aveeno, Neutrogena, The Ordinary and many more which supply Facial wash, charcoal purifying masks, skin relief nourishing body lotions, Anti-aging day and night creams, shower gels, clay masks, sheet masks, organic natural serums are  on these sites with great outcome result.

These websites are well-known throughout Pakistan. Multiple makeup brands are available like LA, NYX, Makeup Revolution, Maybelline, Art deco, Essence and many more which are hard to count.

These beauty brands provide Mascaras, Eye-shadow palettes, Highlighters, Blush-on, Contour kits, Foundations, matte lipsticks, concealers, compact powders, color corrector, loose powder makeup setting sprays and many more fancy beauty items.

Females tend to buy their desired cosmetics through online sites because it is very convenient to have your required items at your doorstep without any botheration.

Females especially in Pakistan sometimes face difficulty in going to malls and stores, thus buying online is sometimes the only option left for them. Eventually, females look for the best options online that can give a variety of brands at the best prices.

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