Some Of The Best Hair Color Ideas That Look Best In Short Hairs


In the present day when it comes to hairstyling two things are famous, first is short hair and the second thing is the colored hair trend and what if we combine both together? Sounds great, isn’t it? Truly it is very trending right now and girls are all about this style and people have even ditched their long Rapunzel hairs to slay in cool shorts hairs. There are so many colors that look absolutely stunning with short hairs and if you would combine the best hair color with the best suited short hair cut then you would already look the best. Choosing a color for your short hair is not easy and a small mistake can ruin your entire look that no actually wants for sure so you can check out some of the best short haircuts for girls at Fashionterest. If you are someone who is all about this trend and if you are wondering about some of the best hair color ideas for short hair then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out and also you can, of course, consider getting that for your hairs as well:

Low Contrast Blond Hairs:


Straight blond was once in trend and still, it is popular among people with long hairs but when it comes to short hairs, complete blond hairs would not look too cool but if you would add shadow then the entire look of your hairs would turn out to be best and you would definitely love that for sure. Here you can blond color all over your hairs and to add that shadow you can either opt for brown or you can also choose grey color since both of them looks amazing together. Here you can go for short pixie hairs or even a bob cut would look amazing in this color.

Rusty Brunette:

If you are someone who loves warm tones then this is the color to go with and this shade looks amazing on people of olive to dark skin tones though fair people also look good in this hair color. This is hair color is a proof that reds would not make your overall look bright rather it can look absolutely amazing and at the same time it can actually get you a very elegant as well as classy look. Here you would have to get your entire hairs colored in dark brown and there would be highlights of rusty color that’s it. This color is so versatile that even men get that and people of any age can this style which has to be the best thing about this hair color.

Copper Strawberry:

There are many kinds of red in the style industry and this has to be one of them which are best for short hairs. This hair color seems so fresh, unlike other reds that give more of a gothic color which seems hot. If you want a very fresh hair color which would be spring or fall ready then this is the color to go with. This seems like a nice coppery color with a hint of red in it which is very light. This hair color though looks good on any haircut but would look the best if you have got short hairs. Here you would have the same color all over the hairs with no such highlights but still, your hairs would look highlighted due to this color which is the best part of this hair color.

Straight Up Black:

Most people hair natural black hairs in Asian countries and they cool dynamic in this black color and the best part of black is that it looks equally good in both long as well as long hairs, in fact, it looks great in any haircut so if you want to play risk free for your short hairs then you can get black color without any doubt since it would make you look cool. You would be amazed to know that there are so many people all over the world who desire for thick and black hair and this trend is very famous in some Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and there are many other countries as well that get counted in the list.

Gray Shades Over Black Hairs:


If you got bored with black hairs then you can probably try this hair color since this looks amazing over short hairs. The best thing about this hair color is that it would not make you very bright but at the same time it would add up a nice highlighted effect on your hairs which seems stunning. This, however, looks good on any haircut but you can try bob with this hair color or high low hairs would also look good in this hair dye. Here you would have to get a black base over which there would be electric grey highlights all over the hairs.

Dark Brown

This is the safest hair color that anyone can get as this would never ever make anyone weird. Now you cannot deny the fact that short hairs itself are not very normal for girls and so it is counted among hair experiments and if you have done that for the first time then you may not want to get too highlighted hair and in this case you can go with dark brown and also if you are not too confident to get black on your hairs then also you can get this color. This looks flattering on every skin tone and hair color which is the best part of this color.

Straight Up Burnt Orange:

This is the best color that you can get on your hair during the fall time and the best part of this hair color is this despite being an uncommon color which seems bright but still, it would make you look elegant and smart. This is, however, an experiment and can look different on different people but this color itself is so beautiful that it suits almost all skin tone and no matter whether you can short hairs or long but this hairstyle would still look amazing on you. Here this hair can be obtained by mixing orange, brown and red color together.

White With Grey Reflexes:

The white color itself is not the coolest while it comes to hair colors but it can be turned out into the best after some reflex work with it. This hair color can look best with short pixie hairs and you can even try this with a curly bob haircut. Here as said you would have the entire hairs colored in white and over that there would be grey reflexes and the reflection looks the best under the sun. This looks best in lighter skin tones and if people with rick skin tone would opt for this color then their hairs would look too much highlighted.

Experimental Blue Feather Over Black Hairs:

Are you bored with simple hair colors and common highlights? Then this is the one for you and this would make your hairs noticeable even in the most crowded place. The good this about this hair color is that it is very noticeable but not at all bold rather it is very cool and can be done by anyone, in fact, this would look good on any hair size as well. Here you would have your entire hairs colored in black and only one or two small side fringes would be colored in a very bright blue color.

Purple With Shades Of Pink Highlight:

If you want a very funky hair color which would be noticed by all and if you don’t fear experiments with bright and not so usual colors then this is the one you can try out for sure. Here you would get your entire hair colored in purple and over that there would be some pink highlights which look absolutely stunning.

These were some of the best Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair that you can check out and also at the same time you can get them as well and for more such ideas you can browse through at Fashionterest.

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