Best Decking Timbers for Your Decking Need

The lumber or timber is a kind of wood that has been processed into planks and beams, which is one of the stages of wood production. Timber is mainly used in structural uses although it also has various other utilization too. One of the kinds of timber is pulpwood, also known as rough limber, which is generally used for making different furniture. The timbers are present in various types of species like hardwood and also presently available in softwoods, like white and red pine. The softwoods are also quite cheap. 

If you want to fabricate a private timber deck, nothing beats the appearance of timber, which is natural and looks classy. It can ensure that you’re set for a decent beginning. 


Here Is A List of The Most Popular List of Decking Timbers. One of Them Will Be Sure to Be Perfect for Your Deck and Your Wallet. 

#1. Treated Pine: Treated pine is developed to get one of the most well-known decking timbers since it is one of the most cost-efficient choices and can make an extraordinary looking deck.  

Treated pine is developed to get one of the most well-known decking timbers since it is one of the most cost-efficient choices and can make an extraordinary looking deck.  

Pine adapts to paint or stain well, so you can make your deck colorful with the shading you like. Treated pine isn’t all indistinguishable, however. The “H” (Hazard) rating will let you know whether it is reasonable for outdoor use. A decent decking provider can assist you with the picking of the right “H” rating for your joists, decking, posts, and different parts. 

#2. Jarrah: Some people won’t choose anything else than jarrah. Jarrah is costlier than numerous other timbers used for decking.  It has lovely shading, which ranges from light to exceptionally dull tans and reds making it one of the most popular choices for your deck flooring. 

Whenever left unlocked, jarrah turns into a satisfying dark shading after some time. Jarrah has a rating of 2 in the durability meter, which makes it a decent timber for decking purpose. It is likewise heatproof and might be appropriate for use in fire-inclined zones. 

#3. Blackbutt: Blackbutt is another profoundly heatproof timber. An Australian local, blackbutt has dazzling pale dark colored shading and not at all like some other local species since the shading is genuinely predictable. Blackbutt can be recolored whenever desired. It can crack (split) if you do not look after it, so you need to get it maintained at regular interval and resealed occasionally. 


#4. Spotted Gum: Spotted gum, as jarrah and blackbutt, is a decent decision for bushfire inclined zones. It has a sturdiness rating of 2, which makes it a suitable decking timber. Spotted gum is frequently estate developed in Australia, settling for it is a prevalent and smart decision from the environmental point of view. 

#5. Merbau: Previously, Merbau was one of the most well-known decking timbers and was even used to construct house outlines. It is as yet a mainstream decking timber and is more affordable than most other decking timbers.  

Merbau has a high solidness rating of 2 and is termite and bug safe. A significant part of the Merbau utilized today originates from Southeast Asian rainforests. Search for reasonably gathered Merbau. It might cost somewhat more, however, it sends the message that we care about nature. 

#6. Stringybark: Stringybark comes in three shading varieties: yellow, red, and white. White stringybark has a toughness rating of 3 and may not be appropriate for external use. Yellow stringybark has a solidness rating of 2, so it is reasonably ideal for the purposes of decking. Red stringybark is rare in nature and might be costlier than the yellow variety.


Decking timber is one of the most critical components while building decks. They come in various varieties and nature, which can make it difficult for choosing them. While choosing the decking timbers available in the market always check their durability and color so that you can get the best.

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