Best Available Brands in Furniture Stores, Grand Prairie


There are plenty of options available to buy furniture from, but not all brands fulfill the criteria of quality. For the residents of Grand Prairie, we are mentioning the top-quality brands available in furniture stores in Grand Prairie.

These brands will easily be accessible in retail and online stores:


This brand is known to produce the best and comfortable recliners in the State. From power, high-leg to swiveling style there is no match for their chairs. 

Recently, they have started producing all kinds of furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces. The furniture they produce has a more traditional and classy look rather than modern, but for the quality, no compromise has been made. Despite being a high-quality producer, the prices are not overly expensive.

Maiden Home

This brand has locally-produced furniture and only provides services online, skipping the trend of traditional retail shops. High-quality and non-toxic materials are used in the construction of the furniture. The pieces that you will find by this brand have a classic, mid-century, and modern designs.

Because of just online business this direct-to-consumer model of business, allows the company to sell furniture at low-cost as compared to many expensive brands.


This high-end brand offers furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and offices. The majority of the pieces they offer are in traditional designs, but modern hardwood furniture along with leather and upholstered chairs are also available.

The main specialty of this brand is high-end hardwood furniture and top-quality upholstery. 

Style Craft

It is a small family-owned company producing top-quality furniture for the last four decades. They have some of the most modern-looking accent furniture available in the US. 

If you are looking to buy their furniture then the furniture stores in Grand Prairie that provide their product is Home Zone. You can visit their store or website to find suitable options according to the requirements.


If contemporary and modern furniture is your thing, then Floyd has got you covered. Their modular design pieces are easy to fix, if something breaks only that component can be replaced rather than replacing the whole thing.

The brand specializes in bed frames, modern sofas, and shelving units, their furniture is known to last for long with its top-quality materials.

The furniture by this product is easily available in multiple stores across the city and the whole State, so there won’t be much trouble finding them.

Vaughan – Bassett

The aura of furniture made by this brand includes rustic, cottage, and traditional. The brand utilizes local materials like oak, maple, pine, and more to make their furniture. The company specializes in the production of wooden furniture for bedrooms.

As making furniture from local materials, this brand participates in the project of replacing the trees that have been cut down to make furniture with seedlings.


Various furniture stores in Grand Prairie are available now, but not all of them contain quality pieces of furniture. The brands mentioned above have reliable and durable furniture and can last for a very long time. 

The credibility of these brands has been proven with positive feedbacks from their customers. The majority of the authentic and quality furniture stores will have furniture pieces from at least one of these brands. You can also visit the website of ‘Furniturae Market GP’ to get your hands on the best quality and affordable furniture.


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