Nine Awesome Benefits Of Prenatal Massage

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of health care practice. It has a long and illustrious history among expectant and labouring mothers. 

You will find the best prenatal massage therapy in Calgary, but before, it is important to know its benefits. You may be aware of the advantages of frequent massage, but did you realize how beneficial it may be during pregnancy?

Here are some of the benefits of getting a prenatal massage.

Reduces the back pain.

The most common reason pregnant women seek massage is to alleviate chronic back discomfort. This is one of the most prevalent pregnant symptoms. It can affect any part of the back, including the upper, middle, and lower. Women can experience problems starting early in pregnancy and continuing through delivery and beyond.

Hormonal changes cause back pain in early pregnancy. Muscles straining to keep up with excessive weight growth and a changing body structure later cause it. Massage can help to relieve these symptoms and relieve aching back muscles.

Reduces stress.

Pregnancy can be a highly stressful period, no matter how enthusiastic a new mother-to-be is about her upcoming child. With shifting hormones and an ever-changing body image, it’s a lot to deal with. This, combined with everyday concerns such as economics or job security, can lead to considerable energy depletion. Massage can reduce tension and restore vitality to make pregnant women feel more relaxed and refreshed.

Stress management may be just as crucial for the mother as it is for the baby. According to studies, mothers under a lot of stress are more likely to give birth early or have underweight babies.

More relaxation to enjoy.

Massage therapy helps to relax the central nervous system and regulate hormones. It lowers the stress hormone cortisol while raising serotonin and dopamine levels. This allows us to cope with pain and enjoy pleasure. These hormone shifts work together to give you a feeling of well-being and relaxation. From the first to the last trimester, this is exactly what every pregnant woman desires.

Increases blood circulation.

Because the blood volume expands considerably over these nine months, having excellent circulation is essential. Massage treatments distribute blood across the body, preventing it from pooling. Allowing blood to pool can result in blood clots.

During pregnancy and the early postpartum period, the risk of clotting is five times higher. Receiving massage on a bi-weekly basis is the greatest approach to reducing risk and gaining circulation advantages. This keeps the blood flowing in a regular pattern.

Forms bond with the baby.

We must never undermine the importance of nurturing. Regular massage helps regulate hormones and reduce sadness, resulting in a happier, more balanced mother who can build stronger attachments with her child.

Mothers who receive this type of self-care when pregnant are more inclined to form a strong bond with their babies. As a result, newborns receive all of the benefits of massage and are brought closer to their massaging mothers. Search infant massage near me on the internet if you want to see your baby grow healthy and strong.

Relief from headaches.

Many expectant mothers suffer from headaches and migraines. They might be caused by muscle tension in the head, neck, and shoulders, or hormones can cause them. Shoulders tend to round in during pregnancy as the abdomen and chest grow in the front of the body. The surrounding muscles are under more strain as a result of this changed body posture.

Massage therapy has been shown to minimize the occurrence of headaches, offering some relief in this area, irrespective of the source of the pain.

Offers better sleep.

Getting enough sleep during pregnancy is a challenge for many women. Early rushing hormones can cause insomnia. Women subsequently struggle to sleep due to discomfort from their expanding abdomen, leg cramps, back pain, and other issues.

Massage, as previously said, aids in the rise of serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin production rises, resulting in improved sleep. A better ability to sleep at night is also aided by enhanced relaxation and less pain.

Decreases swelling.

Massage, in conjunction with the previous advantage, aids in the reduction of swelling. Swelling is produced by blood and bodily fluids collecting together, which is very prevalent in later pregnancy. In the third trimester, it is most commonly noticed in the ankles and feet.

Women who get massages regularly throughout pregnancy have a lower risk of swelling. Even a gentle massage can assist in redistributing bodily fluids and prevent them from accumulating in the lower legs.

Reduces depression.

Although most people are aware of postpartum depression, only a few know it frequently emerges during pregnancy. Hormone imbalances and excessive stress are the results of all the changes in the body.

Massage, as previously said, can aid in the regulation of these imbalances, lowering the risk of depression. This reduction benefits both pregnant and postpartum mothers.

If you are going through pregnancy, find a clinic that offers massage therapy in Calgary to get a prenatal massage.

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