Road trip with baby


Parenting is a hard business. It is especially difficult in the initial years as the baby requires constant attention and care. It is doubly challenging when you have to make a commute with a baby in your car. Nevertheless, with proper planning, anything is possible; even planning a road trip with a baby! Be it a trip to the nearest tourist spot or a more daring cross-country trip, road-trips have a charm of their own. All you need to remember a few tips and tricks while hitting the road with your toddler. 


Keep them busy and entertained:

  • Carry the games that keep them occupied.
  • Buy new toys or games that they can play with after they get bored with the ones they had already brought with them.
  • Take the assistance of Google map and also print the road map beforehand. Talk about the roads and various sites with your toddler, even if they cannot respond.



Pack the essentials:

  • Store as many snacks as much as possible. If your baby is fed on breast milk, keep the milk pumped and ready in a bottle. 
  • Feed them at regular intervals towards the beginning of the trip.
  • Keep their favorite ones hidden so that when they get unmanageable, you could calm them down with a surprise.
  • Have water bottles, milk solutions and other food items handy. Pack diapers, lotions and burping clothes in a comfy bag in the backseat next to the baby.


Create a comfortable and safe atmosphere:

  • Be sure to carry baby car-seats that are multifunctional and have all the possible features in them while double-checking the safety of the same. Naturally, evenflo everystage dlx all-in-one car seat satisfy every one of those needs and more.
  • Hang a backseat car organizer for your children to put their toys or things.
  • Use suction cup holders for the kids to put their crayons or their bottles.
  • Keep a soft rug in handy, to either use it as a blanket or as a separator when your children fight or demand privacy.
  • Place your immediate necessities at an arms distance with easy accessibility.


Choose your route wisely:

  • Decide on a route that has gas stations or public toilets and bathrooms at frequent intervals.
  • Make as many stops as possible along the road.
  • Choose ways that have more playgrounds or fields so that when the trip becomes too monotonous, they can stop and play around and rest for a while


Be prepared for a difficult situation:

  • Never forget a first-aid kit and make it as extensive as possible.
  • Have with yourself all the possible tools needed for repairing your car.
  • Carry general medicines for emergencies. Also, it is of no harm to keep the phone numbers of the nearest hospitals along the way.


The biggest reward of a road trip is its randomness. While making sure you follow through with your packing and planning strategies, be rest assured that you would eventually forget one thing or the other. Never let it bother you. Enjoy those eternal roads by gifting your children their most treasured memories. Happy journey!

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