Avoid the Risks with Daily Disposable Contacts Online


Contact lenses have become quite common, and if you are using them or plan to buy one, ten, you must know about the different types of contact lenses. If you are used to buying daily disposable contacts online, you are probably aware of these lenses’ pros and cons.  What adds to their convenience is that they can be removed and discarded every day, and one can wear a new pair of lenses the next morning. Thus, it is no surprise to see rising demand and popularity of these daily disposable contacts among consumers because of their added benefits.


Millions of users worldwide prefer ordering daily disposable contacts online and are incredibly happy with the results. When used properly and with the right guidelines, there is no doubt that these contacts are not only comfortable and convenient but promote eye health. However, surveys reflect that many consumers still do not follow the right procedures for using these online daily disposable contacts.


Here are some ways you can damage the lenses, and your visions of you are not careful:

If you are a user of contact lenses, then you must know about hygiene and upkeeping ways. It not only keeps your lenses safe, but it also keeps your eyes free from any problem. Here are a few of the ways to keep your lenses safe:


Using Unclean Hands to Handle the Lenses

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before using the daily disposable contacts online. If you are not careful, there is a good probability of getting bacteria transferred to the lenses and getting an infection in the eye.


Exposing the Contacts to Water:

Always use the prescribed solution to clean the daily disposable contact lenses. It is a grave mistake to use ordinary water to alter the shape of the lenses, and it can further cause micro-abrasions on the cornea.

Getting into The Water with Contacts On

Do not take a bath or go swimming with the contact lenses. In case those lenses get exposed to water, it is best to dispose of them right away as they are likely to get exposed to chlorine, which can bind to the lens and cause irritation in the cornea. If you must enter the water, wear waterproof goggles.


Reusing the Daily Disposable Contacts

The words “daily disposable” means that these lenses are discarded by the end of the day. Still, some people tend to reuse them and thus raise the risk to the eyes. Keep in mind that as these lenses are thinner and fragile than other lenses, they do not hold moisture and are designed to be discarded after every single use.


Overwearing the Daily Contacts

It is best to avoid wearing daily contacts for longer periods. Even if they’re daily contacts, the maximum daily use is recommended for about 14 hours. So, if you are wearing them for a longer time, you are risking corneal abrasion and bacterial infection.


Sleeping with Your Lenses:

Do not sleep with your daily contacts, and it is a must to remove them before you go to sleep at night. After all, those lenses are not meant for overnight use and should never be worn overnight. If you are in the habit of doing so, you are risking issues like corneal ulcers, swelling, and irritation.




Listen to the experts when using daily disposable contacts and follow the above tips to reduce the risk of infections and abrasions in the cornea. Your eyes still need to be healthy and receive oxygen from the air. Avoid those risks as it is not at all worth saving a few bucks. Shop for daily disposable contact online and make good use of them but avoid any habits that can cost you your eye health. It is always better to carry a pair of glasses for an emergency in your bag or your car, or at work.  Make sure that you buy only quality daily disposable contact lenses online so that you do not regret later. 


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