Guide To Avoid Grammatical Errors In Essay Writing

Always have trouble writing with proper grammar? No worries this blog will help you to learn about common mistakes that you do while writing a plagiarism free essay. Essay writing becomes difficult in college days where students are already pressurized with so many of studies and assignments. The art of writing is accomplished when there is a better understanding and consistency in writing practices.

There is a specific standard of essay writing that  not be mistaken with other writing formats. While writing an essay at a college level, students usually do not follow any rules or specific writing methods. This results in the poor presentation of the information in the essay.

Here is a guide to avoid grammatical errors in essay writing

• Look for incorrect prepositions

You can use strong verbs to avoid verbal and prepositional phrases. While writing English it is important to ensure that you are using everything in balance. You can always build words that are sentence-building and do not create any clutter. You can follow these given tips to use correct prepositions.

  1. Avoid using prepositions one behind the other while writing. This is not the correct method of writing while it can be used verbally. For example- “I had to run the shop” can be written as “I Ran the shop”.
  2. Prepositions in vernacular expressions are fixed as they do not use the typical format of prepositions. You always have the internet and a dictionary to check this.
  3. Use commonly used prepositions for example:
  4. Meet up with > meet with
  5. Where are they at > where are they?
  6. Kate’s house is on the top floor.
  7. We drove to the beach and swam in the ocean.

• Comma mistakes

The comma is something that is given less preference while writing as students do not know how and when to use it. Sometimes being professional in grammar also creates confusion at some time. To avoid this common mistake here is how incorrect and the correct sentence is made.

Wrong – My brother was very irritating, he left the house.

Right – my brother was very irritating. He left the house.

Right – my brother was very irritating, so he left the house.

The role of the comma is to join the sentence in a smooth way.

• Avoid using “could of” rather than “could have”.

That probably the lip-occurring mistake. While pronouncing, it does not sound right. The use of “could of” is the worst ever mistake student do while writing the essay. Using “could have” is the best option that takes creates a sentence with the right sound.

Wrong: Alex could of received the letters on my behalf.

Right: Alex could have received the letters on my behalf.

• Use of semicolon in a long joining sentence.

If there is no use of proper joining or coordinating conjunction with proper punctuation then you are doing it all wrong. When you are joining a sentence it is important to use a semicolon. It does not mean that the sentences that are big are always long.

Wrong: Betty and Phoebe like to hang together in a restaurant bar however betty likes quiet places.

Right: Betty and Phoebe like to hang together in a restaurant bar; however, Betty likes quiet places.

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