Auto Tune Apps to boost your vocals

Everyone loves to sing their favorite songs . Some perform in public and some are just limited to the bathroom. Most of us are shy in front of the public due to our voice , appearance etc. But as we all know that many well known singers sometimes have to use some kind of tuning to make their voice accordingly to the song. This is done by auto tune apps. 

With the help of these apps one can drastically change their voice according to the needs. Some of the well-known singer also use these kind of apps. 

Today I will tell you about some of the best auto tune apps for ioS and android:

Tune Me

It is available only for android and has tons of features. All the fans of T-pain can easily record their favorite songs by imitating their favorite singer. This app has an amazing feature of pitch correction which can transfigure a user’s voice and make it sound like that of T-Pain, Kayne West, Akon or the long island. Considered as the best auto tune app currently in terms of easiness to use.


  • Freestyle mode
  • Sing along mp3 melody
  • Set any song as callertune
  • Record and load background bits

AutoRap by Smule

As its name suggests, this app is more useful for Rappers , If you want to sing like a professional Rapper this app is for you. This app is based on auto tune technology. This app is available on both the platforms Android and IOS. This app has a special feature which transforms your speech into composition in rap style. It comes with two modes, Talk and Rap mode. Both the modes have their own special uses.It has a huge variety of styles and bits. You can also share your compositions on facebook and other social media platforms.


As the name suggests the purpose of this app is to make you a star. Not that famous but at least famous in your friends and relatives. This app is widely used in Asian countries and is currently in the promotional stage which makes most of the features free of cost. This app has an amazing auto tune function which will assist you to reach your maximum potential of singing. This is an amazing tool with a lot of tracks and songs available for the users. This also provides the background music which makes your composition more amazing. You can sing, record and share your recordings with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.


This app is available for both IOS and Android. This app does not have that many features but has some good and a handful of features. This app helps you to hit the notes for perfect composition. It has a huge variety of options for correcting the tone of your voice. MicDroid app is the platform where you can directly share your work with other artists using auto tune apps.

Things to consider before using auto tune apps:

Autotune apps act as great tools to boost your vocals. But one thing to keep in mind for singers, is that you should not depend too much on these kinds of apps. Sometimes using auto tune can make you take your own daily practise lightly. 

The karaoke feature in autotune apps is completely fine to be used by anyone. Auto tune apps are a great platform to publish and share your creativity with others in the world. These platforms are used by other content creators also to create content. 

There are many tags on social media platforms that allow you make your work on auto tune apps more visible to the general audience.


These were some of the best auto tune apps that every bathroom singer must try to promote themselves and become a real singer.

There are plenty of more auto tune apps available out there but these are commonly used by the people. You can try the rest of the apps yourself and compare them. For more such apps and information you can see this posts on daily junkies and the link mentioned above. If you find this article informative, do share it with others. Thank you for reading.

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