Dietary Cultures Of The Largest Continent – Asia

about Asian cuisine

Being the largest and most populated continent on Earth, Asia is home for a variety of communities. Almost every country in the continent reflects a broad history and every community here have adopted lots of lifestyle elements from numerous ethnic cultures that have been part of the respective countries in the past. There is one very common thing among Asians – They love to celebrate their happy moments with their known and dear ones over large meals, a lovely feast of yummy Asian food items.

Let’s start from the cooking style and cuisines of southwest Asia. This part of the globe includes countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Burma. The cuisines here reflect Persian-Arabian culture. They prefer to eat Nan and varieties of rotties, chapattis (flat bread made up of wheat, barley). These people use spices like cloves, black pepper, nutmeg etc to add delicious aroma and yummy tastes to their food items. The spicy Kebabs (recipes of mutton, derived from Turkish cooking style) is pretty famous here.

The northeast Asian cuisines are very different from the southwest – Korea, Japan, China. These people largely use varieties of sauces, vinegar and fat oils in the food items, surely cuisines here are famous all over the globe. Here, the spices are not just used to add aroma or taste; rather they use medicinal values of spices to promote healthy long life. Japanese use deep-frying cooking methods, while Koreans prefer sauteing or grilling.

When the discussion is all about Asian cuisine, let’s not forget the southeastern style. This part of the continent comprises of countries like Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei etc and they prefer lightly-prepared food items with great aromas. There cooking methods maintain a delicate balance of steaming, boiling, quick stir-frying etc. They also use fish sauce and soy sauce to add deliciousness to the recipes.

That’s not it… Asia is home for a wide variety of cuisines, each associated to a specific culture, tradition or community. There is a lot more to discuss and learn about Asia and it’s cuisines – We will bring you more stories and secretes of Asian recipes in our later blogs..

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