Android Spy App to Prevent Drug Addiction in Teens

Drug abuse among teens is a bigger concern than many parents realize as one in 10 kids of 12 to 17 years of age uses illicit drugs. Almost 28% of teens as young as 13 have consumed alcohol, 16.5% have used marijuana and 15% have smoked cigarettes. The probabilities of your kid exposing to marijuana, alcohol and other toxic substances are higher in teen’s private parties where they may find themselves under continual peer pressure to experimental drugs to have fun.

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Teens who consistently hear about the risks of drugs from their parents are 50% less likely to use drugs than those who don’t. It means that parents have a major impact on child’s decision not to use drugs. However, averting your kid from substance abuse or keeping him away from a bad company can be a daunting task that one cannot manage without help.

Fortunately, the technologists have designed various spy and parental control apps to help parents keep an eye on their kids to prevent drug abuse and support addiction recovery. You can know what your teens are doing online or in real life and who are the persons they are engaged with. We have rounded up here some of the most reliable Android spy apps to prevent drug addiction in teens.


The top on the list is TheOneSpy app empowering parents to remotely monitor and operate the mobile phones of their kids to spy on their activities both on and away from screens. Loaded with more than 250 features, this Android spy app lets you know the whereabouts and engagements of your kids with other people online or offline. You can operate front and back cameras of your kid’s smartphone to know what he is doing in a night out with friends.

The Camera and Mic bug feature will capture pictures and record surrounding sounds and voices to let you know whether your kid is indulged in a wrongful activity like consuming drugs or drinking alcohol or not. The pictures can help you identify the location of your kid that may be a bar or club or any sensitive area. As well as photos, you can record short videos extending from 15 seconds to 60 seconds with spy cam bug feature. What you need to do is simply log into your TOS account and send push notification towards the target device to capture photos or record videos of the surroundings.


TeenSafe is another Android spy app designed to monitor smartphone activities with an aim to supervise teens. It gives parents access to their child’s smartphone data so they can read the inward and outward text messages; spy on the calls received on or made from the target phone and track GPS location. This app lets you monitor what your teens are searching for on the internet and what they have been posting on the social media. You can track their internet browsing history to get the details including time and frequency of visiting a website. Monitoring social media and internet activities will help you ensure that your kid is not in contact with an online child predator, or any drug supplier.

MM Guardian App

This parental control app allows parents to track the location of their kids and monitor their activities performed on an Android phone to prevent drug abuse, sexting, and cyber bullying. You can read all the inward and outward text messages, listen to the live calls received on or made from the spied phone. You can block texting and call function, lock and unlock the smartphone, block a certain website, mobile application or game to work on your teen’s device.

First, you need to install this app on your own phone and kid’s phone as well. The parent phone is used as a portal to monitor and manage activities on the speed device. In order to spy or operate the other phone, you need to connect both devices to a reliable internet connection.


These Android spy apps help you keep tabs on your kid including his whereabouts, friend circle, and daily routine, so you can identify the factors which have been influencing him to be a drug addict, and find a better treatment and recovery options.

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