Ammiji’s Chai Masala- The Perfect Chai-Masala For Your Digestion

Tea and Digestion…

Many people have a hard time digesting food. I was one of them. Such people ( including me ) spend a good amount of time trying various methods to improve their digestive capacity. One of the methods that I came across was sipping hot tea after eating. After a few days of consuming regular tea after meals, I noticed an improvement in my digestive cycles over a period of time. Then I started expanding my knowledge of tea as a measure of digestion and tried a few varieties. It did not take much time for me to end up reading about Ammiji’s Chai Masala, by Masala Monk.

Masala Monk

If you are a tea- lover like me, it will be very easy for you to find the difference between the tea you have sipped at different places, of different brands and made by different people. So it was for me. I was able to see the difference between a regular tea and the one I made with this Chai- masala.

The moment I decided to buy the product and try it out- I was amazed. Not just because of the scent of fresh tea leaves along with ginger, sauf, and pippali, but also because of the impact it had on my gut. It did not alter the essence of tea but improved the taste significantly without undermining it. Consequently, without any further delay, I became a regular consumer.

Ammi Ji and Chai-Masala…

I was eager to know the history behind this homely blend of taste which made my days much better and It was astonishing to see how it all started.

I found out that, 70 years from now, when a young girl in Amritsar got married off early to a stranger,  she found her comfort in something I would not have been able to think of easily. She found it in her Chai! No wonder how small yet significant some things can be. The new household seemed very alien to her, so did the Chai which was made there. In her attempt to settling in a new life, she started finding a new recipe of Chai to find comfort. With many attempts and wasted cups of tea, she was able to perfect the recipe one day.

She credits that discovery to the spice bazaar near her home- which made the air scented with spices.

And I credit her with making my Chai all the more special with her magic blend.

Medicinal Benefits…

This masala also had a lot of benefits for my digestive cycle.

It became even better when I got to know that the product which is a pleasure to my mouth, is also a pleasure for my body!

Similarly, this chai-masala was not only a treat for my taste buds, but also had a positive impact on my body. I observed it to soothe acidity, made me feel less bloated, improved immunity and digestion.

This finest blend of spices is definitely my go-to before and after having a hectic day at work. It was loaded with Cinnamon – which is a very good anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory and Cardamom- which is said to prevent bad breath, ulcers, cavities, etc.


This blend is much more to me than just a Chai-masala!

The masala was so addictive that I could not restrict its usage to just tea! For me, it had the worth of being added to anything from ice-creams to pancake. I even added a pinch of the masala in Tea, Ice-cream, Pancakes, Kheer, Custard, Cakes and even Nimbu-Pani.

Bonding Over Chai…

It is evident that Ammi Ji bound with her new family through the medium of her masala chai. It makes me wonder how much power a beverage could hold. You too must have seen families bind over tea-time, be it an evening tea or a bed tea. After adding a pinch of Ammiji’s chai-masala in my life, I have seen my family come together and healthier. After knowing the history of this addictive masala, I can see how her family bound together to make it a successful product. It is a homely product because a family took the pain to find the apt blend of spices, hand-grind them and pack it with love to make it reach us.

The above-mentioned things about Ammiji’s chai-masala were more than enough to convince a person like me to continue it for a lifetime. It is surely worth the while.

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