Airbrush Makeup vs. Regular Makeup

Airbrush Makeup vs. Regular MakeupIn the context of makeup types and application approaches, airbrushing and regular techniques are popular among many people. Typically, airbrush makeup is done under expert supervision in salons, and bridal customers can opt for this service. Regular type of makeup, on the other hand, is comparatively easier to complete, and most people can attempt this approach at home.
For your wedding day, you need to choose the right approach for an attractive outcome. So, to understand how they differ here is a comparative look at both Airbrush and Regular types of makeup.
Things you need to know when choosing between Airbrush Makeup and regular makeup
The following are some of the notable points to keep in mind regarding these two makeup practices.

1. Airbrush makeup usually stays long

Typically, traditional makeup does not last for a very long period. On the other hand, airbrushed makeup stays on for at least 6 hours to 10 hours more in comparison.
In general, traditional makeup types like cream, liquid, and powder products that require brush application have a thicker consistency. Therefore, this mostly sits on top of the skin.
The reason why the latter is different is due to the ultra-fine concentrated mist present in this case. After the application, the solution directly seeps into the upper dermis layer. Accordingly, it has a durable composition and barely removes despite conditions like sweating, humidity, tears, or heat.
Moreover, Airbrush makeup mainly has a silicon base. For brides, the high-quality airbrush approach is a comparatively better choice for long-lasting coverage.

2. Airbrush makeup feels lighter

Compared to traditional makeup, airbrush makeup feels softer and lightweight. In contrast, the dense texture of Regular makeup feels heavier and constricting.
To note, some brides prefer opting for the regular version with the assumption that an airbrushed look will harm the skin or appear ‘cakey’. In reality, experts recommend the airbrush technique since it allows the natural skin tone to enhance instead.
Another point to keep in mind is that the airbrushing tactic involves multiple options like bronzer, concealer, foundation, blush, and highlight. Using many products during the regular application method is heavier on the skin; that is not the case with the airbrush technique.

3. It offers significant coverage

During and before the wedding event, photoshoots and videos are common for couples.
In front of the camera, traditional makeup can look less put together or dull. Putting too many makeup products, on the other hand, is not a good idea either since it would look cakey on screen.
Comparatively, makeup artists can control the amount of makeup they use on the skin with the airbrush technique. Furthermore, the used quantity is lesser as well. Yet, it provides full coverage. Typically, the airbrush application can naturally hide tattoos, blemishes, and scars.

4. Airbrush makeup is more popular

Compared to regular techniques of makeup, most brides currently prefer airbrush applications. In this context, experts in the makeup industry suggest new users try out the airbrush approach once before the wedding. Choosing by checking it first is practical.
Many brides go for the airbrush method since it stays on the skin longer and does not remove even after exposure to water. Patting the skin with a cloth would remove the moisture without harming the makeup.

Which of the two options is more cost-effective?

In the context of Airbrush vs Regular makeup, both versions have certain aspects which are more costly.
In the case of the former, customers have to invest in airbrush makeup kits which are pricey products. Plus, replacing any of the components incurs costs as well.
Instead, traditional makeup items are less high-priced, if you consider per product value average.
Yet, clients that use regular products have to replenish their stock more often as the makeup finishes quickly. Moreover, the expiration period is shorter, too. On the other hand, airbrushing components last for a long period.
Therefore, on average, purchasing regular products is more expensive for users.
Another point of difference here is that you can pay a standard amount for a regular product-based makeup application. But you have to re-apply makeup or do touch-ups more often.
Comparatively, the cost for hiring a professional makeup artist for airbrush technique is similar to equipment pricing. This is cost-effective since one can utilize such equipment for years.

Which one is difficult to touch up?

In terms of makeup longevity, airbrush makeup dries on the skin after the first application. In contrast, users can easily blend the conventional makeup products even after some hours. Therefore, in the context of doing the touch-up, the regular version is easier to deal with.
To note, the airbrush form of makeup typically does not require a touch-up at all since it stays on longer.

The best option according to weather

In the comparison of conventional makeup products and airbrush techniques, experts note that the latter is more powerful.
Airbrush version of makeup can last longer in bad weather conditions, environmental pollution, and stressful long hours. As mentioned earlier, these products are composed of a silicon base. This makes the product resistant to external conditions like rain, tears, and sweat.
Some products have a water-based formula; they work well with a waterproof sealant. Therefore, for brides, airbrushing the makeup on their skin is more convenient as it would stay on for longer.
For events like wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other similar occasions, clients have to spend long hours at the venue. If you are having an outdoor wedding, rain and humidity are potential issues you should consider. In these cases, airbrush makeup is the best choice available.
To note, you should opt for a trial run of the different airbrush techniques and stylists to note the best choice for you. Also, consider the type of skin you have to select the compatible product type.

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