AI Race is Sizzling: Let’s Hear It Again for Python Programming Language

Nearly 45% of all Top Fortune 500 Companies are working in AI using Python codes. The search results from Google, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube reveal an astonishingly very high preference for Python over Java.

Hey, wait? Don’t yet jump the gun with Python as a choice to build your career in AI and Machine Learning.

Python and Chasing the Biggies in AI

What if someone told that there are over 20 different Programming Languages for AI and Machine Learning, and yet only a few hold the spot of leadership. Of all the Programming Languages currently relevant to AI projects, only Python and R are making the largest waves. Why? Well, they are easy to learn, and implement to traditional AI and Machine Learning algorithms. According to a latest finding from TIOBE Index, Python enjoys an all-time high rating of 8.5% among AI devOps teams. Despite lagging in terms of adoption by enterprises, AI with Python could well take over AI with Java and C programming by 2022.

Recently, AI leader CISCO debuted a range of AI and Machine learning software products for its customers. These would enable IT teams to gleam analytics and better insights from their wide ranging IT and Network data operations.

Similarly, IBM Marketing and Oracle Marketing are also gearing or high traction AI-driven market with Python coding teams. IBM in particular runs a range of Python AIOps projects to help developers create a string of mobile and desktop apps to detect face, images and biometrics.

Another interesting example of AI using Python is deployed in Restaurant Reviews. In restaurant reviews, Python is used to generate next-gen Product rating system using TensorFlow and Keras. This is particularly useful to detect fake content, fake news and fake product reviews, pushed into the Review Sections by bots or malvertising agents. This was developed by data loving scientists who saw the potential of AI, Python and Deep Learning in beating the notoriety of fraudulent Restaurant Reviews. Same applications are now used in Travel and Holiday planning websites, Flight booking systems and even Job Boards such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn Jobs.

Building Next-Gen AI Robots with Python: Still a Dream?

Can you create robots AI using Python? Not exactly in its pure form, but Python framework can actually drive in a lot of insights and analytics for location data-based control. If you know how Uber or Google Maps or Waze work, you will get an idea about the legacy of Python in building a semi-supervised AI project. If you look at Robots that talk to each other or talk with humans, you will realize the aesthetic value of keeping cognitive intelligence within Python’s framework. Python is totally reliable, as far as supervision and risk management are concerned.


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