Advantages & Features of Nanotechnology and Mobile Health (Mhealth)

Advancement of science and various technological trends has led to an emergence of mHealth platforms and nanotechnology in India. Nano science has become a popular field for research and development. It has an immense prospect in the medical sector, and various universities and colleges have started courses to ensure that this field of science can grow further.

Advantages & Features of Nanotechnology and Mobile Health

India has also witnessed the development of various mobile health platforms over the past couple of decades. These platforms have helped the medical sector in India to attain a significant position at a global stage. For this reason, India currently has a share of 18% of the medical tourism market globally.

Benefits of using nanotechnology in healthcare

Nanotechnology is a study and control of elements of microscopic scale usually below 100nm. Nanotechnology in India is used across various fields, including healthcare. Multiple devices and mechanisms can be developed using this technology, which can improve the quality of healthcare considerably. Nanoscience finds multi-fold applications in the healthcare treatment of cancer. The infected cells are easily identified and destroyed with mechanisms developed from nanoscience.

Features of nanotechnology

Various features offered by nanotechnology in the field of healthcare are as follows –

  • Replacing body cells with ease

Nanotechnology is used in the medical sector to build minuscular robots and devices. They are capable of entering a human body and carrying out various complex operations like repairing cells. The devices are capable of differentiating one cell from another. Repairing damaged heart tissues are also made easy with the introduction of nanoscience.

  • Efficient drug delivery system

The conventional process to intake drugs including oral intake, injections and other modes are manual and are likely to induce human error. Nanotechnology has emerged as one of the emerging technology trends in the medical industry as it is providing an automated solution to a drug delivery system.

The delivery systems or “Nano vehicles” can be pre-programmed depending on the patients to increase efficiency.

  • Replacement of abnormal genes

Nanotechnology in India can be used to treat various genetic diseases. The devices developed with such technology can be used to replace or repair the genes that are causing various diseases. Also, nanotechnology can be used to morph stem cells as well.

Along with the features mentioned above, doctors can also smartly manage chronic diseases with the help of nanotechnology.

Advantages of mHealth

The introduction of mHealth platforms has bridged the gap between medical service providers and patients. These platforms come with a wide range of features that can benefit a doctor to provide efficient treatment. Few benefits of these platforms are –

  • Better process of treatment

Mhealth is set to be the next technology frontier in healthcare with its streamlined process of treatment. It reduces the time required to receive treatment. Also, the process to follow up is much easier on these platforms. Doctors can easily access and manage the medical records of their previous patients on the dashboard of these platforms.

  • Global connectivity

The mHealth platforms offer global reach for both patients and doctors. The mHealth platforms ensures that patients can consult reputed doctors from anywhere across the world. Furthermore, it also enables doctors to expand their presence and increase their business.

Doctors or medical institutions can develop their healthcare platforms to treat the patients better. However, the cost to develop it can be significantly high.

For this reason, NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv have introduced Loan for Doctors to help them fund such expenses along with a plethora of other favourable terms.

The mHealth platforms and nanotechnology in India are expected to bring a revolution in the field of medical science. The use of such technologies is increasing day-by-day to provide effective treatment to the patients.

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