Add Thumbnails For YouTube Videos in WordPress:How?

We all have seen reputation sites using images for their YouTube video images on the front page of their site for the user attraction, these images called thumbnails.YouTube Videos

If we play a video on a different channel on different sites like YouTube or others, then we can also see a video image or thumbnail for all posts which posted by video admin containing videos on the front pages of our website’s blog. Now in this article, we will try to show Youtube videos in WordPress how to add thumbnails for it.

Video Thumbnails and WordPress Post Thumbnails

Here we will see that how to add featured images or post thumbnails with the help of New WordPress with built-in functionality, and this feature support by most WordPress themes.

Now, According to our need if we trying to highlight our video content from YouTube, then we would try those video thumbnails with content showing on the screen.

●    Featured Images or Post Thumbnails:-

Featured images and post thumbnails both are same feature only name will be different and in WordPress, this is a very popular feature.

For Feature images, WordPress photography themes, restaurant themes any many more all of these themes have built-in supported to this.

In this heading, we will discuss about in WordPress how we will add featured images or post thumbnails.

All our users or readers forcefulness thinks that featured image and post thumbnail both are same then why these conversely.

Well, we are here to clear all doubts of our users or readers about this mutual words. In WordPress 2.9, the first feature was introduced and that name was called post thumbnails. And then after their next version, was introduced featured image.

●    Video content from YouTube

●    Easily Embed Videos in WordPress Blog Posts: How?

WordPress introduced an extreme feature called auto-embeds. Auto-embeds allows WordPress to naturally get the embed code for a video from attractive video hosting sites like YouTube, and others.

We all need to douse the post editor for pasting the video URL into them. And this is ensure that the URL is not clickable and is in its own line.

If we are using the visual editor, then WordPress will directly carry the embed code and display the video inside post editor.

Now, we can save our post and for a preview click on it for seeing the video embedded in our blog post.

We can save our post and click on the preview button if we want to see the video embed in our blog post.YouTube Videos New

Setting up Video Thumbnails Plugin in WordPress:-

In this topic Firstly we need to do is install the Video Thumbnails plugin, and then after activating them.

After Activating we need to follow some instructions that is go to Settings >> Video Thumbnails for configuring the plugin setting.

On the settings screen, we endorse that user selects to store the thumbnail in our media library. This will reduce external HTTP requests on our site, and our pages will load faster. According to the post types section, the plugin will show custom posts site, pages, and post, if we have any on our website. Select the post types we want the plugin to scan for videos links.

Now, on this page, the last option is to selects a custom field. In a custom field Some video plugins for WordPress save video URLs, and if we are trying to use such plugins, then enter that custom field here according to our need. Then after click on the Save Changes button.

On the settings page, we will see one tab and that name is  Providers tab. If we are using Vimeo to share our videos to somebody, then according to our need we create an app on Vimeo and then follow some rules that are-

  • enter client ID,
  • client secret,
  • access token, and
  • access token secret values here.

After the Providers tab concept, the other one is Mass Action tab. On the Mass Actions tab, we can scan our published posts for videos and generate video thumbnails for them.In that tab the plugin provides a button for clearing all video thumbnails.

How to Create Video Thumbnails in WordPress Posts?

 We have set up the plugin, Now let’s create a video thumbnail by using some steps that are-

  • Adding a video URL in our WordPress post.
  • After doing that we need to create a WordPress post,
  • Add our video URL in the post edit area.
  • Once we publish the post, then we will see that the plugin has generated a video thumbnail
  • Added it to your post.

Displaying a Video Thumbnail in our WordPress Theme

WordPress Post Thumbnails functionality used by Video thumbnails plugin. To display post thumbnails automatically setup by WordPress themes. Along with our post content and video thumbnail, our theme will automatically display this. When our theme does not display the video thumbnails, then edit our theme files according to our need. and one thing more add one line code to the template where we want to display the thumbnail and that code is-


We hope you people like this content and this is helpful for you to highlight your YouTube videos with Thumbnails in WordPress. If you think that this content improves more and get more information then please share your ideas what you people think about this.

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