How to add google two-factor authentication in WordPress process

WordPress is a platform that is used for publishing and content management of the website. It can be defined as an open source website tool. You can create and customize any kind of website for you or others. It helps in to establish your online presence, easy website making, easy blog handling, information sharing etc. You can use it as a website for blogging by creating blogs or you can create a woocommerce website for shopping. That’s why WordPress is the world’s most popular and most used website management blogging system.

 two-factor authentication in WordPress

 Google two factor authentication for WordPress

Two-factor authentication is a technique that is used for secure your account or data in the online management system. For example, if you want to login your account. Then you have to type your username and password and click the login. If your account supports the two-factor authentication then it must be asked for another password or option. So, In this authentication two processes of login is generated. It is very helpful for the users because the security of your account is increased. In the WordPress account, it is very helpful. Some benefits of Google two factor authentication are under-explained-

  • When you add google two-factor authentication in your google account then It secures your WordPress account from other sources.
  • It reduced your data from stolen. No one can steal your WordPress data because if you add two-factor authentication then another source entry is rejected.
  • When your work is stopped and your id is login then two factor helps you to secure your work from another person. It always asks for the second password again.

Google two factor authentication has some types of verification methods and these are-

  • Verification from the one-time password(OTP) from your mobile or email account.
  • You receive a call and it Verifies from voice password.
  • Verify from your pattern or other biometrics.
  • Provide another pin that differs from your password.

 You can add Google two factor authentication in WordPress by adding the google authenticator plugin. This plugin helps you to add this in your account. Firstly you have to install Google authenticator and after this activate this plugin for Google 2FA.

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 Google authenticator for WordPress

If you want to add Google 2FA  Activate in your WordPress then you have to download or install Google authenticator in your WordPress. Now follow these steps for install Google authenticator.

 Step 1: Login to your WordPress account.

Step 2: After this, you have to click on the plugin option which is located on the dashboard of your WordPress account.

Step 3: Now drag on “add new” and click this option.

Step 4: Search for Google authenticator form the plugin search bar.

Step 5: Now install this file in your WordPress plugin automatically.

 Activate Google authenticator for WordPress

 Now if you want to activate Google authenticator and add Google Two Factor Authentication in WordPress then you have to follow these steps.

 Step 1: After this installation, you have to click “activate plugin” option.

Step 2: In the dashboard click on the user profile. Scroll it down to the “Google authenticator setting”.

Step 3: Now you have to click on the checkbox to activate this plugin.

Step 4: Logout your WordPress account and when you log in again then you can see the Google two factor authentication is working on your WordPress.


Now your work is completed to add Google 2FA on WordPress. It always helps you to protect your WordPress data from other person or source. It is very useful that if you add this to your WordPress. For safe work, it is always installed by the users.  In case of any related problem, contact to our WordPress tech Support team now to get instant help. Dial +1 844 897 0441 (Toll-Free)

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