A Guide to Choosing an Eternity Style Engagement Ring

If you are planning to pop the question in the near future, your thoughts will no doubt turn to the diamond engagement ring, which is a symbol of your undying love that you and your partner share.

An eternity ring design may have caught your beloved’s eye recently, or, knowing your beloved inside out, you know she would appreciate this type of style. You also think that it best represents your relationship. With these in mind, here is some advice on choosing an eternity design for a diamond engagement ring.

diamond engagement ring

  • Custom Ring Design – The traditional eternity ring design is a row of diamonds that cover a portion or the entire surface of the wedding band. The latter is actually known as an infinity ring, due to the diamonds circling the entire band, while a 3-stone ringwould be classed as an eternity ring. If, for example, you prefer a pink diamond engagement ring Australia is known to offer, talk to a leading local custom jeweller, who would have all the solutions to get the style you want.


  • Platinum Or Gold – You have a choice of rose, yellow or white gold, along with platinum, which is very hard and does not tarnish. Rose gold is ideal with pink diamonds, as it adds to the pink tinge, while white gold also works, especially if there are also white diamonds in the design. Of course, it is possible to combine white gold with one of the other options, which is something you can discuss with the custom jeweller. Blending metals is well within the abilities of a top jewellery maker and this two-tone design is all the rage at the moment.


  • Computer Graphics – If you approach a well-known jewellery designer with a view to designing your very own diamond eternity-style engagement ring, they would utilise 3D computer graphics that allow the designer to create the ring in a virtual environment. You can closely inspect every detail of the ring and making slight changes is always possible when you enlist the services of a custom jeweller.


  • Partial Covering With Diamonds – You might prefer to only have 3 stones at the front of the ring, or alternately, the front half of the ring can contain the diamonds, or you could have pave diamonds around the complete ring, which is called an infinity ring.


  • Argyle Pink Diamonds – These would make for a stunning eternity-style diamond engagement ring, and anyone looking to buy Argyle pink diamonds in loose form would contact a reputable custom jeweller who can acquire the loose pink Argyle diamonds at trade prices. The famous Argyle Diamond Mine has been providing the world with the best natural pink diamonds since the 1980s and sadly, the mine will close in November 2020, but the good news is that Argyle diamonds will become scarce and that will ensure the best prices, should you ever wish to sell the ring.


The wonderful thing about designing the ring is that you have complete control over every aspect of the ring design and the finished ring will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece that will become a family heirloom that appreciates in value, as it will be handed down from generation to generation.

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