A Comprehensive Guide On Types Of 4-Wheelers

If you are looking to buy a four-wheeler, then you might be surprised that it isn’t as simple as picking out which of the all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) at your dealership looks best. These four-wheelers come in a wide variety of shapes and many different sizes to serve varying purposes as well, which means choosing the best vehicle for you may be quite a challenge.

To help you out, here’s a quick introduction to the different types of four-wheelers.  

Utility ATVS

You are probably familiar with this type of four-wheelers as they are the most prevalent of ATVs. These heavy and bulky wheels are commonly associated with agricultural settings and are generally used for towing, mowing, ploughing, hauling, transporting tools/cargo, and even repair work.

Because of their capabilities to carry heavy loads and their engine power, these ATVs are also popular among hunters. The electric utility ATVs are particularly gaining wide interest among hunting enthusiasts as these models produce minimal noise, which is definitely an advantage for hunters. For these models, there are high quality quad bikes for sale with finance online.

Since they are designed for working and hunting, this type of ATV comes with an ample motor, typically having engine sizes at 450cc up to 1100cc for greater power. This makes the vehicles bigger than other ATV types but best for the purposes they are designed for. They also come with high ground clearance, a longer wheelbase and short travel suspension for stability, heavy-duty tires, and accessories for storage.

While originally designed as a work device, you can also use utility ATVs for recreational purposes on your own private property or for recreational sports in areas like the desert off-highway vehicle (OHV) spots. However, if you are looking for speed, these quads do not run as fast as sports ATVs do.

Sport ATVS

The name itself describes what the second most popular four-wheeler type is. Sport ATVs are intended to go fast, which means they are designed as lightweight and swift as a vehicle could possibly be made. They are equipped with generous suspensions that can deal with challenging bumps, jumps, and turns that are helpful when racing or when driving in trails, dunes, and motocross tracks.

These quads boast of highly responsive engines, with sizes that range from 250cc up to 700cc. Riders will enjoy adding in modifications or accessories to this highly-customizable four-wheeler as the need arises. The enhancements can be purely aesthetic or to improve performance.

Side By Sides

Another type of a four-wheeler, the Side by Side ATVs, also referred to as SxS or Rhinos, are more versatile than the utility ATVs and sport ATVs. Specifically, this type of quad bike has powerful motors like the utility ATVs, which allow them to carry cargo and multiple passengers since they look pretty much like golf carts. Like the sport ATVs, these are lightweight and have forgiving suspensions that can hold up in bumpy and difficult terrains.

You can find these Side by Side ATVs frequently in small rural communities, where they can also be registered for on-highway use. Owing to their versatile capacities in transportation and mobility, these SxS are also used as “pit vehicles” at races.

If you like using your ATVs for exploring the great outdoors with more than just one companion, then these Rhinos may be the perfect picks for you.

Youth Or Children’s ATVS

If you are looking for a four-wheeler for your child, you can buy youth or children’s ATVs too. Quad bikes for children are smaller in size and only have 50cc to 110cc engines. Since these are typically used as toys, there are no gears and have automatic transmission instead.

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