A Comprehensive Guide on Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management, focuses on the management of product and service on the search engine results. In today’s world with so many customers for each business that it is next to impossible to have an occasional dissatisfied customer. The best resort to this is to sort the customers’ problem before he takes on to give you a bad review online,

because once it is online it tends to spread very quickly. Still, all efforts might also not contain the bad-mouthing to reach the internet, in such a situation if you are already prepared with a good action plan then you can minimize the effect. If you have too many bad reviews that show up on the search engine as soon as your business’ name is typed that makes you vulnerable to targeted bad-mouthing too. This foul play can result in financial losses to your business.

We bring this guide to help you devise a plan for online reputation management in Canada.

1. A Strong Social Media Presence-

This will help you push down the negative reviews and the first thing that your viewers learn about your business would not be a negative thing. Here it is important to note that merely building accounts on social media platforms will not suffice. You should ensure that-

  • You have a good reach on these social media accounts. You should try to engage your audience as much as possible
  • You are active on these accounts. It is a known fact that Google does not rank inactive sites higher the same will hold for your social media accounts.
  • Link these accounts to your website. You should also try to link them to third party websites.

Although we can not be sure how Google utilizes your activity for ranking yet these pointers can help you build a stronger influence.

2. Other Relevant Web Presence-

Apart from the bare minimum i.e Twitter, Facebook and Google +, your company can additionally build a stronger presence by creating accounts on sites that are specific to your industry. For example Linkedin for connecting with a professional audience or Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr for a visually-oriented audience. Youtube can also help most businesses.

3. Fix the Reviews-

 Your brand may not be at fault and the problem may be simple to handle. In case you can spot the article or blog that has been the main source of the bad-mouthing you can fix the issue that they might have mentioned and ask them to take it back or you can contact ORM services Canada which will fix it up for you.

4. Protect the Stakeholders-

If your business has owners and founders who are distinct you should bring a strong presence for them too. Trying to keep up the privacy can let malicious people take the opportunity to defame them. Sometimes customers can also search by the owners’ names and a positive image can help your business get more such customers. 

Wrapping Up:

Understanding the comprehensive guide and maintenance tips will extend the brand with ORM. Your brand image can be a key factor in your sales hence you should take measures to build a good reputation online.

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